How to Celebrate Christmas Eve

Christmas is, as a lot of the songs say, the most wonderful time of the year! This article will show you how you can enjoy Christmas Eve, and make sure that you're not too tired for Christmas Day.


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    Get up quite early. This will make you a bit more tired, and you will get to sleep earlier. Don't get up too early, because if you have anywhere to go later, you may be too tired to go to those places.
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    Have a good breakfast. Open your advent calendar if you have one, and do your normal morning routine.
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    Watch some Christmas films! Some great ones are: Elf, A Christmas Carol (Scrooge), The Polar Express, Its a Wonderful Life, etc.
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    Help your parents prepare Christmas dinner. Offer to do the simple jobs, like peeling potatoes or seasoning the vegetables. They will definitely appreciate your help, and you'll get to enjoy a nice dinner that you helped make.
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    Look at a 'Santa Tracker' online. If you type in 'Santa tracker NORAD' in Google and click on the website called '', you can look at where it is midnight, and which countries are ready for Christmas! If you don't feel like using NORAD, there is also a Google Santa Tracker! Just search 'Google Santa Tracker' on Google.
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    Have some warm tea at around 5 o'clock, even if this seems early to you. You should aim to not have any food three hours before you go to bed.
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    Get into a shower or a hot bath with some relaxing bubble bath. If you'd like to, you can add in some lavender oil or petals on top to help relax you.
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    Get into your comfiest pajamas. Then go downstairs and watch another Christmas film with your family. If you wanted to, you could also get some fancy Christmas themed bowls and fill them with quality treats and celebrations. Then, put these out for people to eat on Christmas Day.
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    Aim to be in bed for about nine 'o clock. If you can't get to sleep, then try to relax your body and count backwards from 1000. Or, you could try the old trick of counting sheep.
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    Know that on Christmas morning, as tempted as you are to go rushing downstairs, you should brush your hair and teeth first. You don't want to look incredibly scruffy in the Christmas photos, if your parents happen to take some this year.
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    Enjoy Christmas morning! Open your presents, spend time with your family, and have an all around good time!


  • If you wake up early, and your stocking is in your room, don't look inside. If your parents find out that you did, then they will most likely be very upset with you.
  • Don't sneak downstairs in the middle of the night. It will only ruin your surprises that you were going to get on Christmas morning, and if you have one, it will probably set your burglar alarm off.

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