Behavior Saviors

Discussion:Apply Goth Makeup

Discussion:Apply Artsy Eyeliner

Discussion:Appreciate U2's Music

Discussion:Apply Scene Eye Makeup

Discussion:Apply Simple Romantic Goth Makeup for Prom

Discussion:Appreciate Emo Music

Discussion:Be a Gothic Lolita at a Young Age

Discussion:Be "Scene" and Yourself

Discussion:Be a Computer Geek

Discussion:Be a Ghetto Prep (Girls)

Discussion:Be a Metalhead/Archive1

Discussion:Be a Preppy Scene Kid

Discussion:Be a Pink Punk Girl

Discussion:Be a Pleasant Baby Goth

Discussion:Be a Punk Girl

Discussion:Be a Scene Queen

Discussion:Be a Romantic Goth

Discussion:Be a Scene Guy

Discussion:Be Aristo Punk

Discussion:Be a Skate Punk

Discussion:Be an 80's Punk

Discussion:Be an AFI Based Emo

Discussion:Be Emo in Middle School

Discussion:Be Deathrock

Discussion:Be Emo at High School

Discussion:Be Emo in a School That Has a Strict Dress Code

Discussion:Be Ghetto Fabulous

Discussion:Be Preppy and Stay Smart

Discussion:Be Goth Without Looking Scary

Discussion:Be Like Amy Lee from Evanescence

Discussion:Be the Perfect Preppy Girl

Discussion:Become a Geek

Discussion:Be the Type of Nerd That Girls Love

Discussion:Become a Cute Punk

Discussion:Become Friends with the Nerds

Discussion:Create a Preppy Bedroom (for Girls)

Discussion:Buy Girl Pants if You Are a Guy

Discussion:Change Your Appearance from Emo to Preppy

Discussion:Create a Gangster Name

Discussion:Do Emo Make Up/Archive1

Discussion:Dress Emo If You're a Girl

Discussion:Do Ryan Ross Style Stage Makeup

Discussion:Dress Cyber Industrial Punk

Discussion:Dress Emo in the Summer

Discussion:Dress in Skull Style

Discussion:Dress Goth for a Casual Party

Discussion:Dress Goth or Rocker Without Being Satanic

Discussion:Dress Skate Punk (Boys)

Discussion:Dress Like a Nerd as a Girl

Discussion:Dress Like an Old School Emo

Discussion:Dress Punk at a Catholic School

Discussion:Dye Hair with Leopard Spots

Discussion:Dye Your Hair Blonde and Black Underneath

Discussion:Get a Girlfriend as a Nerd

Discussion:Get 'Ghetto' Hair

Discussion:Go from Prep Chick to Scene Girl

Discussion:Go from Punk to Preppy/Archive1

Discussion:Look Like Patrick Stump

Discussion:Have a 5 Minute Mohawk

Discussion:Have Emo Hair Without Going to Extremes

Discussion:Look Like Kiki Kannibal

Discussion:Make a Gothic Fairy Costume

Discussion:Look Preppy on a Budget

Discussion:Make a Bandana

Discussion:Make a Dead Barbie Costume for Halloween

Discussion:Make a Great Scene MySpace Page

Discussion:Make Goth Spikes

Discussion:Make a Room Gothic

Discussion:Make an Amazing Grunge or Emo Album

Discussion:Make Punk Clothes

Discussion:Make Your Hair Punk

Discussion:Make Scene Coon Stripes

Discussion:Make Skinny Jeans

Discussion:Pick a Good Scene Name for MySpace

Discussion:Make Your Hair Punk/Archive1

Discussion:Make Your Shoes Scene

Discussion:Make Your Uniform Emo

Discussion:Start an Emo Band

Discussion:Start a Punk Band

Discussion:Study for a Casual Test or Quiz

Discussion:Survive in a Ghetto

Discussion:Style Preppy Hair

Discussion:Style Scene Hair/Archive1

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