Author Requested Collaborations

Discussion:Appreciate Michael Jackson

Discussion:Act Smart In Front of Your Friends

Discussion:Answer an Interview Question About Why You Left a Job

Discussion:Apply Makeup in GIMP

Discussion:Appreciate Patrick Swayze

Discussion:Avoid Copper Theft

Discussion:Appreciate Rebecca Black's Music

Discussion:Appreciate Things Around You

Discussion:Avoid Disappointment Booking Your Summer Holiday

Discussion:Be an Antiā€Capitalist

Discussion:Be a Glitter Goddess

Discussion:Be a Good Moderator for an Online Learning Community

Discussion:Be Specific

Discussion:Be Good at the SimCity Games

Discussion:Be Noticed as a Guitar Player

Discussion:Be Respectfully Righteous

Discussion:Blow Out Eggs (Two Hole Method)

Discussion:Be the Perfect Preteen

Discussion:Become a Facebook Beta Tester

Discussion:Behave On an Internet Forum

Discussion:Boil Water in a Piece of Paper

Discussion:Build a Koi Fish Pond


Discussion:Build a Hackintosh

Discussion:Build an Xtracycle

Discussion:Care for a Pacific Parrotlet

Discussion:Buy a Stock Synthetically

Discussion:Buy Bitcoin in the UK

Discussion:Choose the Right High School for Your Teenager

Discussion:Celebrate Your Birthday Alone

Discussion:Cheat on Wii Fit

Discussion:Choose Between RAW or JPG

Discussion:Contribute to the Hebrew wikiHow

Discussion:Clip Your Hair

Discussion:Commit a Random Act of Beauty

Discussion:Contact the White House

Discussion:Cope With Having a Mental Disorder on the Internet

Discussion:Create a Dashboard Report in Calc

Discussion:Cosplay As Spongebob

Discussion:Create a Cool Graffiti Effect in GIMP

Discussion:Create a Link for a Specific Time in a YouTube Video


Discussion:Create a Text Based World With Batch Script

Discussion:Create and Manage Projects with Freedcamp

Discussion:Deal With the Pain of a Door Being Shut on Your Finger

Discussion:Deal With Being Called Ugly

Discussion:Deal With Emotional Triggers Effectively

Discussion:Deal With People Who Hate You

Discussion:Do Well in College Algebra

Discussion:Decide on Your Novel Writing Structure

Discussion:Delete Google Earth

Discussion:Do Simple and Cute Hairstyles

Discussion:Dress for a Jazz Dance Class

Discussion:Draw Inspiration from Mythology

Discussion:Draw Real Things

Discussion:Dress for Spring for Children and Teens

Discussion:Drop Off an Unwanted Baby

Discussion:Drink More Milk Every Day

Discussion:Drink More Milk Every Day/Archive1

Discussion:Find Clean Budget Accommodations in Manhattan

Discussion:Enjoy Summer in Dordrecht (the Netherlands)

Discussion:Exaggerate Perfectly

Discussion:Figure out 10 to the Power of Any Positive Integer

Discussion:Get Into the Splits Faster

Discussion:Germinate Seeds

Discussion:Get a Higher Allowance

Discussion:Get a Payday Loan Online

Discussion:Get Started on Creative Market

Discussion:Get Kids to Drink More Milk

Discussion:Get over a Guy Who Treats You Wrong

Discussion:Get Rid of the Vuze Toolbar

Discussion:Get Student Loans Forgiven

Discussion:Go Trekking in the Himalayas

Discussion:Get the Lifetime Wish You Want in the Sims 3

Discussion:Get Your Parents to Buy You a Chevy Corvette (for Teens)

Discussion:Grow Seedless Watermelons

Discussion:Harnass the Energy in Foods

Discussion:Hack a P Server

Discussion:Handle an Energetic Cat

Discussion:Help Make Your Pet Dog Strong

Discussion:Have a Cafe Under Your Bed(for Kids and Pre Teens)

Discussion:Have a Photo Shoot at Home

Discussion:Have Fun During Winter Break

Discussion:Hike in the Rocky Mountains

Discussion:Help Save Whales

Discussion:Highlight Dark Hair Naturally

Discussion:Hold Your Position in a Nerf War

Discussion:Improve Your Agility

Discussion:Host a Thanksgiving Dinner

Discussion:Host a Tween Sleepover

Discussion:Improve Your Technical Writing Skills

Discussion:Know if a Cat Is a Stray

Discussion:Invest Like an Index Fund


Discussion:Make a Balloon Frog

Discussion:Know if You Are in a Parasitic Relationship

Discussion:Level Up Faster in My Talking Tom 2

Discussion:Look Gorgeous While Playing Tennis

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