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Discussion:Catch a Bass

Discussion:Avoid Injuries While Falling Off a Horse

Discussion:Build a Plywood Canoe/Archive1

Discussion:Calm Down a Bird

Discussion:Comfort Someone Who Is Sad

Discussion:Choose a Bit for a Horse/Archive1

Discussion:Clean and Maintain Your Flute

Discussion:Clean Your Car

Discussion:Draw a Puppy/Archive1

Discussion:Control a wikiHow Addiction

Discussion:Deal With Little Sisters

Discussion:Draw a Circle/Archive1

Discussion:Give Your Large Dog a Bath

Discussion:Explore a Cemetery

Discussion:Fight Using Minimal Energy

Discussion:Find Motivation to do Homework/Archive1

Discussion:Go on the Internet on Your Nintendo Wii

Discussion:Help Your Animals Live Longer Lives

Discussion:Handle an Interfaith Wedding

Discussion:Handle and Control a Stallion

Discussion:Jump Rope

Discussion:Help Your Child Accept a New Baby/Archive1

Discussion:Hit a Baseball

Discussion:Identify Your Adopted Mutt

Discussion:Make a Cheese and Salsa Dip

Discussion:Know What to Play with Kids while Babysitting

Discussion:Learn to Accept a Gay Marriage/Archive1

Discussion:Look After Your Nails/Archive1

Discussion:Move Heavy Furniture

Discussion:Make Cat Toys out of Common Household Items

Discussion:Make Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Discussion:Mix Colors to Make Pink

Discussion:Name a Pet

Discussion:Pet a Kitten

Discussion:Overcome Your Fears Through Visualization

Discussion:Paint by Number

Discussion:Stop Speeding

Discussion:Play Ping Pong (Table Tennis)

Discussion:Play the Goalie Position in Water Polo

Discussion:Prepare a Pasture for Horses

Discussion:Warm up a Horse in the Ring

Discussion:Transport a Horse

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