Discussion:Build a Model Bridge out of Skewers

Discussion:Care for Miniature Goats

Discussion:Build a Steam Power Model (Kettle and Pinwheel Method)

Discussion:Care for a Llama

Discussion:Clean up Battery Acid Spills

Discussion:Control the Spread of Bamboo

Discussion:Collaborate in Lesson Planning

Discussion:Conduct Scientific Research

Discussion:Create a No Dig Garden

Discussion:Create a Control Chart

Discussion:Create a Good Public Service Announcement Film

Discussion:Create a Home First Aid Kit

Discussion:Deal With a Snake in the House

Discussion:Create a Vegetable Garden

Discussion:Create a Wildlife Habitat

Discussion:Create Useful Formulas and Mixtures

Discussion:Deal With Squeaky Desks

Discussion:Draw a Chinese Dragon


Discussion:Dig a Well

Discussion:Draw a Panda


Discussion:Drive a Woodscrew

Discussion:Fertilize a Garden Cheaply

Discussion:Get Rid of House Flies with Cloves

Discussion:Find the Age of a Cut Down Tree (for Younger Kids)

Discussion:Fix a Hole in a Wall

Discussion:Get Rid of a Beehive

Discussion:Grow Henna

Discussion:Get Started in Raising Sheep

Discussion:Give Directions

Discussion:Grow a Ginger Plant/Archive1

Discussion:Grow Popcorn

Discussion:Harvest a Bee Hive from the Wilderness

Discussion:Grow Sprouts

Discussion:Hammer Big Nails

Discussion:Harvest Pole Beans for Winter Use

Discussion:Install a Replacement Window Screen

Discussion:Harvest Rain Water in a Household Setting

Discussion:Heat Water Using Solar Energy

Discussion:Invent a Product

Discussion:Install Drywall

Discussion:Install Natural Stone Floor Tile

Discussion:Install Posts in the Water for a Dock or Pier

Discussion:Locate a Leak and Repair a Buckled Wood Floor

Discussion:Keep Geese off Your Patio

Discussion:Know Naturally when an Earthquake Will Strike

Discussion:Light a Bunsen Burner

Discussion:Make a Bottle Watering Can

Discussion:Make a Crystal Garden

Discussion:Make a Breaker Bar

Discussion:Make a Can Flower Pot

Discussion:Make a Disaster Plan for Your Family

Discussion:Make a Padlock Shim

Discussion:Make a Drill Disc Sander

Discussion:Make a Mini Biodome

Discussion:Make a Toy Animal from String

Discussion:Make a Papier Mâché Pencil Holder

Discussion:Make a Polymer

Discussion:Make a Self Sufficient Biodome

Discussion:Make an Oil Lamp

Discussion:Make a Toy Computer

Discussion:Make a Worm Compost System

Discussion:Make an Air Purifier

Discussion:Make Any Beanbag or Small Stuffed Toy

Discussion:Make Salt Crystals

Discussion:Make Fireproof Paper

Discussion:Make Glue out of Milk

Discussion:Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

Discussion:Measure Vinyl for a Small Floor

Discussion:Make Your Own Electricity

Discussion:Make Your Own Thermometer

Discussion:Prepare for a Dam Failure

Discussion:Mix Mortar

Discussion:Paint With Watercolors as a Novice

Discussion:Plant Your First Garden

Discussion:Raise Rabbits for Food

Discussion:Prime a Canvas

Discussion:Protect a Sand Dune from the Ocean

Discussion:Prune a Tree

Discussion:Read a Measuring Tape

Discussion:Recycle Towels

Discussion:Realistically Operate a Puppet

Discussion:Recycle Old Towels Into Washcloths for Little Kids

Discussion:Remember the Order of the Planets in Our Solar System

Discussion:Remove Rust Spots From Tools

Discussion:Remove a Stripped Screw

Discussion:Remove Bees

Discussion:Repair Holes in Seams on Inflatables

Discussion:Remove Tree Stumps

Discussion:Repaint a Chair

Discussion:Repair a Pitched Roof

Discussion:Solder Electronics

Discussion:Rescue Dying Landscape Plants

Discussion:Reuse Old Newspapers

Discussion:Sharpen Scissors

Discussion:Start a Career in Information Technology

Discussion:Take Care of Bamboo

Discussion:Survive a Bird Flu Pandemic

Discussion:Survive a Strong Current at the Beach

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