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Discussion:Be a Gold Digger

Discussion:Annoy Friends Using Only Your Toes

Discussion:Appreciate George W. Bush/Archive2

Discussion:Be a Baby in Club Penguin

Discussion:Fake Sick to Stay Home from School

Discussion:Bond with Your Teddy Bear

Discussion:Create a Travel House for Your Pet Rock

Discussion:Discuss Barack Obama

Discussion:Fake Sick to Stay Home from School/Archive6


Discussion:Fix a Car That Stalls

Discussion:Get a Free ADSL Account

Discussion:Hack Maplestory

Discussion:Include Spanking in Child Discipline

Discussion:Have Sex During Your Period

Discussion:Hypnotize a Chicken

Discussion:Look Sexy when Naked

Discussion:Induce Vomiting

Discussion:Lead a Heterosexual Lifestyle if You Are Gay

Discussion:Look Like Kevin Barnes

Discussion:Moon Someone

Discussion:Make a Fake ID

Discussion:Make a Gum Wrapper Herbal Cigarette

Discussion:Make a Potato Chip Sandwich

Discussion:Pass a Drug Test

Discussion:Pierce Your Own Penis/Archive1

Discussion:Pierce Your Ear

Discussion:Pierce Your Own Penis

Discussion:Play Tricks Using Hypnosis Techniques

Discussion:Support a Lesbian Who Wants to Become Straight


Discussion:Scam in Runescape

Discussion:Unclog the Inner Ear or Eustachian Tube/Archive1

Discussion:Take Erotic Photos of Yourself

Discussion:Unclog the Inner Ear or Eustachian Tube

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