Laptop Candidates

Discussion:Clean Your Room Fast

Discussion:Build a Steam Power Model (Kettle and Pinwheel Method)

Discussion:Carve Shrunken Head Apples

Discussion:Clean up Battery Acid Spills


Discussion:Clear Standing Water from a Sink

Discussion:Collaborate in Lesson Planning

Discussion:Combat the Smell of Paint

Discussion:Conduct Scientific Research

Discussion:Cook Chole

Discussion:Construct Muppet Style Puppets

Discussion:Control the Spread of Bamboo

Discussion:Create a Chinese Finger Trap

Discussion:Create a Home First Aid Kit

Discussion:Create a Control Chart

Discussion:Create a Good Public Service Announcement Film

Discussion:Create a Wildlife Habitat

Discussion:Create a No Dig Garden

Discussion:Create a Time Capsule

Discussion:Create a Vegetable Garden

Discussion:Create Your Own Dress Form

Discussion:Create Super Cool Mountains and Castle Roofs at the Beach

Discussion:Create Useful Formulas and Mixtures

Discussion:Create Your Own Business

Discussion:Create Your Own Fire Extinguisher With Household Items

Discussion:Cut a Limb from a Tree

Discussion:Crochet a Bracelet With Your Fingers

Discussion:Crochet Right Handed

Discussion:Deal With a Snake in the House


Discussion:Deal With Squeaky Desks

Discussion:Derive the Quadratic Formula

Discussion:Do Ceramic Sculpture

Discussion:Dig a Well

Discussion:Divide Fractions by a Whole Number

Discussion:Do a Cool Card Trick/Archive1

Discussion:Draw 3D Block Letters

Discussion:Do Common Electrical Repairs

Discussion:Do String Figures

Discussion:Double Dig a Garden

Discussion:Draw a Bird

Discussion:Draw a Cartoon Dog

Discussion:Draw a Bucket

Discussion:Draw a Cartoon Car

Discussion:Draw a Cartoon Face

Discussion:Draw a Cartoon Pirate

Discussion:Draw a Cartoon Frog

Discussion:Draw a Cartoon Man

Discussion:Draw a Coiled Snake

Discussion:Draw a Cartoon Woman

Discussion:Draw a Chinese Dragon

Discussion:Draw a Circle and Its Centre Without Lifting Your Pencil

Discussion:Draw a Manga Cat

Discussion:Draw a Dog Face

Discussion:Draw a Dog Head

Discussion:Draw a Floor Plan to Scale

Discussion:Draw a Monster

Discussion:Draw a Simple House

Discussion:Draw a Panda

Discussion:Draw a Rose

Discussion:Draw a Soda Can

Discussion:Draw an Equilateral Triangle

Discussion:Draw a Treble Clef

Discussion:Draw an Alien

Discussion:Draw Cartoon Animal Faces

Discussion:Draw an Impossible Triangle

Discussion:Draw an Owl

Discussion:Draw Boxing Gloves

Discussion:Escape a Minefield

Discussion:Drive a Woodscrew

Discussion:Encourage Your Child to Love Learning

Discussion:Enjoy Cloudy and Rainy Weather Outside

Discussion:Experience Satellite Radio


Discussion:Factor Second Degree Polynomials (Quadratic Equations)

Discussion:Fertilize a Garden Cheaply

Discussion:Find Free Compost Ingredients

Discussion:Find Sources of International Law

Discussion:Find International Sources of Protection Against Discrimination on the Grounds of Gender

Discussion:Find Parts Of Speech In Text


Discussion:Find the Age of a Cut Down Tree (for Younger Kids)

Discussion:Find the Median of a Set of Numbers

Discussion:Finger Knit

Discussion:Fix a Running Toilet

Discussion:Finish a Large Span of Concrete

Discussion:Fix a Garden Hose

Discussion:Fix a Hole in a Wall

Discussion:Fix a Snag in a Jumper (Sweater)

Discussion:Fold a Cup from a Sheet of Paper

Discussion:Fix Fluorescent Light Humming

Discussion:Fix Nail Pops in Drywall

Discussion:Fold a Towel Dog

Discussion:Fundraise for a Cause (for School Students)

Discussion:Fold Eternally Opening Origami

Discussion:Form Sugar Crystals

Discussion:Get Rid of Ants

Discussion:Get Bees out of Your Classroom

Discussion:Get Better Grades This Year Than You Did Last Year

Discussion:Get Rid of a Beehive

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