Laptop Candidates List 3

Discussion:Build a Shed

Discussion:Be a Good Listener

Discussion:Be an All Around Good Student

Discussion:Blow Out Eggs

Discussion:Build a Swamp Bed

Discussion:Build Forms for a Curving Concrete Sidewalk

Discussion:Build a Wooden Bed Frame

Discussion:Build an Ant Farm

Discussion:Build Literacy Skills Through Games

Discussion:Calculate the Area of a Circle

Discussion:Calculate Center of Gravity

Discussion:Calculate Percentages

Discussion:Celebrate Earth Day

Discussion:Carve a Smile on a Watermelon

Discussion:Catch a Frog

Discussion:Catch Wildlife to Study

Discussion:Choose the Right Bank Account As a Teenager

Discussion:Change a Lock

Discussion:Change Guitar Strings

Discussion:Change the Color of a Celery Stalk

Discussion:Clean a Laptop Screen with Household Products

Discussion:Clean Coins

Discussion:Clean a Mousepad

Discussion:Clean a Paintbrush

Discussion:Clean Hairbrushes and Combs

Discussion:Climb a Coconut Tree

Discussion:Clean Stainless Steel

Discussion:Clear a Clogged Drain with Vinegar

Discussion:Coin Stack a Penny Bridge/Archive1

Discussion:Climb a Tree

Discussion:Climb a Tree With No Branches

Discussion:Coin Stack a Nickel Spiral/Archive1

Discussion:Construct a Raised Planting Bed

Discussion:Collect Coins

Discussion:Color in a Coloring Book

Discussion:Communicate Effectively

Discussion:Construct a Small Septic System

Discussion:Convert Metric Weight to Pounds

Discussion:Convert Between Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin

Discussion:Convert Grams Into Pounds

Discussion:Cool Yourself Down on a Hot Day

Discussion:Create a Glue Bracelet

Discussion:Copyedit and Proofread Written Work

Discussion:Create a Battery from a Lemon

Discussion:Create a Simple Spectrum

Discussion:Create a Paper Plate Rhythmic Shaker

Discussion:Create a Paper Plate Tambourine

Discussion:Create a Password You Can Remember

Discussion:Create Wet Chalk Drawings

Discussion:Create Papier Mâché

Discussion:Create Realistic Flesh Tones

Discussion:Create Salt Dough

Discussion:Curl Ribbon

Discussion:Cut Glass

Discussion:Cut a Coped Joint in Wood Trim

Discussion:Cut a Straight Line

Discussion:Cut Paper Without Using Scissors

Discussion:Develop Good Soccer Dribbling Skills

Discussion:Deal with Little Brothers and Sisters Who Want to Play

Discussion:Determine Directions to North, South, East, and West

Discussion:Do a Pinky Break

Discussion:Do a Cartwheel

Discussion:Do a Forward Roll

Discussion:Do a Handstand

Discussion:Do Sit Ups

Discussion:Do a Rainbow in Soccer

Discussion:Do a Throw in Soccer

Discussion:Do Judo

Discussion:Do the Color Fusion Magic Trick

Discussion:Draw a Bird out of a Cursive L

Discussion:Do the Predict the Future Card Trick


Discussion:Draw a Caterpillar

Discussion:Draw a Cube

Discussion:Draw a Caveman Head

Discussion:Draw a Celtic Knot

Discussion:Draw a Star

Discussion:Draw a Puppy

Discussion:Draw a Sea Creature

Discussion:Draw a Simple Dog's Face

Discussion:Earn Money by Making and Selling Crafts

Discussion:Draw a Swan

Discussion:Draw Cartoon Kissing Fish

Discussion:Drill Into Concrete

Discussion:Eat With Chopsticks/Archive1

Discussion:Expand Ivory Soap

Discussion:Encode and Decode Using the Vigènere Cipher

Discussion:Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer

Discussion:Factor a Number

Discussion:Find Out How Much Time Is Left Before Sunset

Discussion:Find a Hobby

Discussion:Find Information Online

Discussion:Fix a Leaky Faucet

Discussion:Finish Concrete

Discussion:Fix a Broken Bicycle Chain

Discussion:Fix a Broken Window in a Wooden Frame

Discussion:Fold a Paper Crane

Discussion:Fix a Sticky Lock

Discussion:Fix Sticky Drawers

Discussion:Fold a Note Into a Heart

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