Laptop Candidates List 2

Discussion:Apply Mulch

Discussion:Baste Fabric

Discussion:Assist Teachers to Include Students with Special Needs

Discussion:Balance Chemical Equations

Discussion:Be Safe During a Heat Emergency


Discussion:Be Careful with Fire (for Kids)

Discussion:Be Resourceful

Discussion:Become Involved in The Green Wave

Discussion:Be Safe During a Landslide

Discussion:Become a Professional Soccer Player

Discussion:Become a School Teacher

Discussion:Build a Bat Box

Discussion:Build a Go Kart

Discussion:Build a Business if You Are a Minor

Discussion:Build a Composting Toilet

Discussion:Build a Laptop Desk

Discussion:Build a Porch Swing

Discussion:Build a Model Bridge out of Skewers

Discussion:Build a Plumping Mill

Discussion:Build Your Own Book Truck

Discussion:Build a Rain Gauge

Discussion:Build a Rainwater Collection System

Discussion:Build a Wigwam Support for Runner Beans

Discussion:Calculate the Mean

Discussion:Calculate Percent Yield in Chemistry

Discussion:Calculate the Distance to the Horizon

Discussion:Calculate the Geometric Mean

Discussion:Calculate the Volume of a Cube

Discussion:Care for Miniature Goats

Discussion:Care for a Donkey

Discussion:Care for a Llama

Discussion:Celebrate the International Day for Biodiversity

Discussion:Cover a Paperback Book With Clear Plastic Film

Discussion:Clean Bricks

Discussion:Collect Shells

Discussion:Cure Concrete

Discussion:Create a Stop Motion Animation

Discussion:Create an Online Class

Discussion:Create Good School Video Announcements

Discussion:Draw a Detailed Tree

Discussion:Deal With Being Indoors During an Earthquake

Discussion:Design Your Own Teaching Museum

Discussion:Draw a Cartoon Lion

Discussion:Draw an Impossible Cube

Discussion:Help Protect Biodiversity

Discussion:Felt Soap

Discussion:Fold a Paper Box

Discussion:Learn About the Biodiversity Benefits of Ecosystems

Discussion:Learn About Igneous Rocks

Discussion:Learn About Sedimentary Rocks

Discussion:Make a Crazy Quilt Pillow

Discussion:Limit Your Exposure to Lead

Discussion:Make a 3D Stuffed Giraffe

Discussion:Make a Bamboo Wind Chime

Discussion:Make a Potato Clock

Discussion:Make a Double Dovetail Puzzle

Discussion:Make a Durable Plastic Book Cover

Discussion:Make a Papasan Chair Cushion

Discussion:Make a Puzzle

Discussion:Make a Sock Monkey

Discussion:Make a Quilt from Tee Shirts

Discussion:Make a Ribbon Bookmark

Discussion:Make Ink from Walnut Shells

Discussion:Measure a Room

Discussion:Make Sachets

Discussion:Make Table Placemats from Cloth

Discussion:Prune Tomatoes

Discussion:Observe a Heiligenschein

Discussion:Paint a Mural

Discussion:Protect Hardcover Book Corners

Discussion:Slip Stitch

Discussion:Repair a Book's Binding

Discussion:Repair a Paperback Book

Discussion:Select Everlasting Flowers

Discussion:Teach About the Effects of Agriculture on Biodiversity

Discussion:Understand the Concept of Biodiversity

Discussion:Thin Out Seedlings

Discussion:Tie a Handle on a Paper Bag

Discussion:Write a Field Guide When You Are a Young Naturalist

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