Laptop Candidates List 1

Discussion:Adjust Your Bike Seat

Discussion:Bottlefeed Goat Kids

Discussion:Begin Mastering Chess

Discussion:Bend a Soccer Ball

Discussion:Build a Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Discussion:Build a Tower of Cards

Discussion:Build a Dry Stack Retaining Rock Wall

Discussion:Build a Memory Palace

Discussion:Catch a Lizard without Using Your Hands

Discussion:Build an Adobe Wall

Discussion:Calculate the Distance from Lightning

Discussion:Catch a Bat in Your House

Discussion:Climb a Ladder Safely

Discussion:Change a Bicycle Brake Cable

Discussion:Clean a Dirty CD

Discussion:Clean a Mouse Ball

Discussion:Climb a Rope

Discussion:Create Clay Animals

Discussion:Count Sheep

Discussion:Create a Counting Nature Chart

Discussion:Cross Stitch

Discussion:Do the 4 Kings Card Trick

Discussion:Do a Back Handspring

Discussion:Do Long Multiplication

Discussion:Draw a Cartoon Monkey Face

Discussion:Do the Search Card Trick

Discussion:Do Wax Painting

Discussion:Draw a Basketball

Discussion:Dribble a Soccer Ball Past an Opponent

Discussion:Draw a Frog

Discussion:Draw a Sea Turtle

Discussion:Draw Bubble Letters

Discussion:Fold a Paper Rose

Discussion:Find True North Without a Compass

Discussion:Finger Weave

Discussion:Fix a Stuck Pixel on an LCD Monitor

Discussion:Grease Bicycle Wheel Bearings


Discussion:Jump Rope

Discussion:Lace Shoes

Discussion:Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

Discussion:Make a Cross Knot Friendship Bracelet

Discussion:Make a Bead Ring

Discussion:Make a Cereal Box and Juice Carton Placemat

Discussion:Make a Funnel or Cone from Paper

Discussion:Make a Dancing Button

Discussion:Make a Flapping Paper Airplane

Discussion:Make a Friendship Bracelet

Discussion:Make a Paper Ship

Discussion:Make a Game Like Bing Bang Boing

Discussion:Make a Hemp Necklace

Discussion:Make a Paper Hat

Discussion:Make a Sketchbook

Discussion:Make a Sea Creature Mobile

Discussion:Make a Simple Beverage Can Stove

Discussion:Make a Simple Weather Barometer

Discussion:Make a Wooden Spoon Puppet

Discussion:Make an Origami Jumping Frog

Discussion:Make a Yarn Doll

Discussion:Make an Origami Flying Bird

Discussion:Make Silk, Satin or Ribbon Roses

Discussion:Make an Umbrella Skirt

Discussion:Make and Use a Solar Oven

Discussion:Make Paper/Archive1

Discussion:Play 3 Coin Hockey

Discussion:Mend a Puncture in a Bike Tire

Discussion:Milk a Goat by Hand

Discussion:Plan a Homework Schedule

Discussion:Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

Discussion:Raise Butterflies

Discussion:Propagate Your Plants

Discussion:Put On a Bicycle Chain

Discussion:Recycle Your Socks

Discussion:Thumb Wrestle

Discussion:Set Up an Ergonomically Correct Workstation

Discussion:Take Good Care of Your Laptop Computer

Discussion:Tie a Square Knot

Discussion:Tie a Bow

Discussion:Use Apostrophes

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