Controversial Topics

Discussion:Accept and Deal with People Labeling You as a Lesbian

Discussion:Accept That You Are Gay

Discussion:Accept Intelligent Design of the Cornea

Discussion:Accept Islam

Discussion:Accept That Your Child is Homosexual or Bisexual

Discussion:Analyze Evolution of the Cornea (Creationism)

Discussion:Address Your Doubts About God's Existence

Discussion:Adjust to Being a Boy when You Really Want to Be a Girl

Discussion:Avoid a Draft

Discussion:Argue That God Exists (Christianity)

Discussion:Argue That God Exists (Christianity)/Archive1

Discussion:Be a Geek and Be Popular

Discussion:Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Discussion:Banish a Spirit if You're Pagan

Discussion:Be a Classy Goth

Discussion:Be a Gold Digger

Discussion:Be a Preppy Guy

Discussion:Be a Jain

Discussion:Be a Preppy Girl/Archive1

Discussion:Be a Preppy Scene Kid

Discussion:Be an Anarchist

Discussion:Be a Rocker

Discussion:Be a Scientologist

Discussion:Be Emo

Discussion:Be an Antichrist

Discussion:Be Born Again

Discussion:Be Cool at School

Discussion:Be Like a Saint

Discussion:Be Emo in Middle School

Discussion:Be Friends with an Atheist

Discussion:Be Less Prejudiced Towards Muslims

Discussion:Be Manly

Discussion:Become a LaVeyan Satanist

Discussion:Be Popular in Middle School

Discussion:Be Punk Pop

Discussion:Become a Member of the Discordian Society

Discussion:Become a Spiritual Leader

Discussion:Become a Muslim

Discussion:Become a Natural Beauty/Archive1

Discussion:Catch a Turtle

Discussion:Become an Atheist

Discussion:Become Closer with God

Discussion:Believe in God

Discussion:Contact Krishna/Archive1

Discussion:Choose a God (or Gods)

Discussion:Consider Satanism/Archive1

Discussion:Contact God

Discussion:Convince Your Child Not to Go to War

Discussion:Deal With a Teen Pregnancy

Discussion:Date a Bisexual Person


Discussion:Decide Whether or Not to Get an Abortion

Discussion:Defend Pro Life Beliefs

Discussion:Defend Evolutionism Against Creationism

Discussion:Defend Pro Choice Beliefs

Discussion:Discuss the Negative Aspects of Religion

Discussion:Defend the Validity of the Unique Character of the Christian Faith

Discussion:Defend Traditional Marriage

Discussion:Discuss Options when a Friend Comes Out

Discussion:Explain or Defend Atheism

Discussion:Discuss the Negative Aspects of Religion/Archive1

Discussion:Encourage Someone to Reconsider Expressing Their Sexual Orientation

Discussion:Escape the Condemnation of Hell According to the Word of God in the Bible

Discussion:Explain or Defend Atheism/Archive1

Discussion:Find God

Discussion:Explain or Defend Theism

Discussion:Fast for a Religious Occasion

Discussion:Get an Abortion (USA)

Discussion:Get Someone to Ask for Directions

Discussion:Get in Touch with Your Inner Aquarius

Discussion:Get Into the Goth Scene

Discussion:Have Phone Sex

Discussion:Give a Spanking

Discussion:Go to Heaven

Discussion:Have a Discussion on Gay Marriage/Archive1

Discussion:Imply Intelligent Design in the Origin of the Cornea ( Creationism)

Discussion:Help Your Child Accept a Second Marriage

Discussion:Hide the Fact That You Smoke from Your Parents

Discussion:Honor God

Discussion:Include Spanking in Child Discipline

Discussion:Lead a Heterosexual Lifestyle if You Are Gay

Discussion:Know if You Are Gay

Discussion:Know the Twelve Olympians of Greek Mythology

Discussion:Learn About Islam

Discussion:Look Emo

Discussion:Learn More About Islam

Discussion:Look Attractive (Guys)/Archive1

Discussion:Make A Prayer Journal

Discussion:Look Gothic Without Your Parents Getting Upset

Discussion:Look Like a Twilight Vampire/Archive1

Discussion:Look Preppy

Discussion:Perform Ablution (in Islam)

Discussion:Make Capuchin Monkeys Good Pets

Discussion:Opt out of Vaccines for Your Child

Discussion:Perform a Wiccan Ritual/Archive1

Discussion:Persuade a Christian to Become Atheist

Discussion:Practice Witchcraft

Discussion:Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian

Discussion:Practice Tibetan Buddhism

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