How to Catch Up on Your Homework

Have you had a lot on your mind lately? Been slacking off? Busy with something else? Whatever the case, you've suddenly found yourself behind in your homework-and you need to catch up with it ASAP. Don't fret, this article will show you exactly how to catch up with your homework.


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    Make a list. of what you need to get done, and when. Also, write down the essential stuff-what needs to be finished first. This will instantly help you clear your head and give you a solid idea of what kind of situation you are in. It'd probably be better to draw this list up on the computer, as you may be correcting or adding to things.
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    Set a Time. You might have a list, but you can't just start attacking your homework right away. No doubt you may be busy with other things-school activities, family outings...set some time/s for yourself when you know you'll be free and uninterrupted.
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    Prepare. Before you sit down for your homework session, make sure you prepare for it. Make sure you have all the tools required-pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, books...and make sure that people know you shouldn't be disturbed. Taking the time do this beforehand will not only give you extra time, but ensure that the session is less stressful.
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    Concentrate. Don't put the session off, and don't let yourself be distracted. Avoid anything that may steal your attention. This includes the TV, cell phones, gaming devices, computers (unless you need it) and anything that you know may disrupt your homework session. Try not to think about anything else, but to focus on what you need to do.
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    Relax. If your hand is shaking, you're sweating all over and your temper is short, you aren't going to get through things very fast, and the session certainly won't be an enjoyable one. Calm down. A relaxed, focused attitude will help you get through your homework faster, and prevent any other problems-such as distracted mistakes-from occurring.
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    Make the session as enjoyable as possible. That doesn't mean you should be talking to somebody on the phone and have the T.V on the whole time. However, to have an effective homework session, you don't have to be strict. Have some snacks with you, and a drink. If it doesn't distract you, having a pet in the room can relax you more-or de-stress you. Take breaks regularly to avoid straining yourself.
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    Prevent the situation from happening again. In future, make sure you are always on top of your homework, and that you are always prepared for something unexpected to happen. Hand your homework in on time and try to have regular homework sessions instead of just letting it all pile up.


  • Learning how to Deal With Stress can help you to Stay on Top of Homework and to remain calm.
  • Also make sure you are fully rested (that means you got full sleep, and can fully concentrate on homework without blanking out)
  • There are times when you simply cannot complete all the homework you need to, due to procrastination or sheer time constraints. Take a minute to block out your work. Draw two vertical and two horizontal lines on a piece of paper, forming a grid with four boxes. Label the two columns as "Very Important" and "Not As Important." Label the two rows as "Due Sooner" and "Due Later." Then, fill in the different tasks you have to complete. If you have a large project due in a month, put that under "Very Important" and "Due Later," but if you have a small, nightly homework due tomorrow put that under "Not As Important" and "Due Sooner." You should work to complete the "Very Important" and "Due Sooner" things first. This both relieves stress and ensures that you do not overlook very important assignments that would cost you dearly to neglect. You may find this more effective than making a list, however, making a list first helps more when you have plenty of time to complete all the assignments.
  • If you need help with something, don't be afraid to ask. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Make sure not to get distracted by things such as instant messaging, talking on the phone, MySpace or Facebook. It is very easy in your mind to think "Oh, I will only go on for a few minutes", but then end up wasting an hour.


  • There is always a chance that your homework sessions may be delayed or ruined altogether, so make sure you're prepared.

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