How to Catch Household Bugs

Everyone's been annoyed by household bugs, whether there are spiders, or anything else with six or more legs. they are bugs. Most people will simply step on them. But, if you are feeling merciful, you can banish the bug to the outdoors.


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    Prepare. Since you never know when you'll see a bug crawl across the floor, you should know where your trapping materials are. All you need is two things; a cup (preferably plastic and clear.) A plastic cup won't break and if it is clear, you will be able to see the bug once you catch it. Then, you just need a thin piece of cardboard that is big enough to cover the mouth of the cup, or a piece of paper, folded once vertically and once horizontally.
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    Once you encounter a bug, you will need to grab your materials, and trap it.
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    Cover the bug. Using the cup, cover the bug so it is trapped. This works best on a flat surface, so wait for your opportunity.
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    Cut off the escape. Holding the cup in place, barely lift one side so you can slide the paper or cardboard under the cup. Try to do it when the bug is not near the opening, or it might escape. Make sure the entire mouth of the cup is covered by the paper or cardboard.
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    Banish the bug. Once you have the mouth of the cup covered, lift up the cup, holding the paper or cardboard, and turn it right-side up so you can hold it with one hand. Open your door and go outside. Walk a few meters from your house, crouch down, and release the bug. Make sure you watch it exit the cup, before bringing the cup indoors.
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  • This method works best with bugs that don't fly. You can catch a flying insect with a cup, but it is difficult.
  • Seal openings and cracks around your house, so the bugs don't get inside in the first place.
  • Don't go searching for bugs. It is a waste of your time. Let the bugs come to you.


  • There are some bugs that are poisonous, or are known to carry diseases. Sometimes, it is better to be safe and kill the bug.

Things You'll Need

  • Cup (preferably plastic and clear)
  • Thin piece of cardboard or folded piece of paper

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