How to Catch Fly Balls in Softball

Softball is a fun sport for all ages. If you are playing in the outfield, most of the balls that head your way will be fly balls- high and far.


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    Keep your eyes on the ball. Otherwise, it will hit you in the head.
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    If you see it is coming your way, quickly call the ball by shouting "Mine!" or "I got it!". This will help other players back off to avoid a collision.
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    Get under the ball. It is much easier to catch this way, rather than reaching for it.
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    Use two hands. When the ball lands in your mitt, immediately cover it with your free hand. That traps the ball in your mitt, and prevents the ball from bouncing back out.


  • If you think you are unable to catch the ball, try to catch it on a bounce. Still, try to get the ball, or at least swat it down to stop it from going farther.
  • Practice a lot if you want to be a good outfielder. Practice running too just in case a ball gets past you.
  • Don't be a ball hog! If it isn't in your area, don't cut across to grab it.
  • If the ball looks like it is going behind you, do not backpedal. You might fall and it is harder to catch the ball that way. Run sideways, with your glove hand facing outwards.
  • Back up the base in front of you.


  • Always be alert in the outfield or it might be dangerous!
  • If someone else calls the ball, back off, or they might run into you.

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