How to Catch a Loose Horse

Horses often get loose from either their stalls, cross ties, or hitching area. Learn how to catch them without a halter.


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    Make sure that the horse cannot get to anywhere dangerous, i.e., a road. Once you are sure they can't get anywhere, then you can proceed with catching them.
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    Get the horse in a semi-enclosed area, so that they have fewer places to run. This will make things much easier for you.
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    Grab a halter and lead rope, or just a lead rope, or rope and then approach the horse. Don't yell, scream, or move jerkily or the horse might run off and you'll have to catch him again. Instead, move gently and calmly while talking quietly. Try to calm your horse as much as possible as you approach.
    • If you're using a rope or lead rope, you can loop it around his upper neck (without tying a knot) and lead him back either to his stall, or to where it was tied.
    • If you're using a halter, halter the horse and then lead it back with a lead rope or rope. If you don't know how, read Halter a Horse.
    • If there is not a halter or rope nearby, talk to the horse in a calm, gentle voice, slip one hand around the horse's neck and one hand over their nose, and gently walk it back to where it was.
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    Lead the horse back to his stall, pasture, or wherever he belongs.


  • It may help to have some sort of treat around, as some horses may shy at your hand on their faces.


  • Be watchful of the horse's hooves so as not to be stepped on.
  • Be very careful and make sure the horse does not kick.

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