How to Carve Roast Lamb

Did you bake a roast of lamb for the holiday? Carving roast lamb requires consideration of the best manner in which to cut across the meat. This article provides some suggested methods.


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    Make sure you know the cut of meat. If it's a leg, and there is a center bone, you will need to cut from around the bone. If it's a loin, like lamb chops, then you need to cut between each rib bone section.
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    Cut across the "grain" or muscle of the meat if it's a leg or other joint. If you cut across, the sinews are shorter and more tender. Don't cut to get a long stringy piece of meat.
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    Cut toward the bone, but not into it. Then cut wedges and remove sections of meat from around the bone, for a leg. If it's a loin, or a series of "chops", simply cut between each chop, and leave the bone in.
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    Leave shanks or lower legs whole. These must be cooked for a long time, until they are very tender. Serve a whole shank and let the person cut it himself, by simply pulling pieces off the bone.


  • Be sure to roast the meat with enough liquid or moisture that it doesn't dry out and become impossible to cut. You can add any broth, wine, or other liquids to the pan and keep it covered while baking.
  • Never cut with the grain, as this tends to make the meat feel tough.
  • If you are unsure how to carve a large piece of meat, then buy chops or loin, which are more easily recognized.

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