How to Carry a Football

Carrying the football is a very important aspect of football. It allows the ball carrier to run the ball in for a touchdown or make a big play. Carrying the ball doesn't have to be hard, if you follow these steps.


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    Tuck one end in the crease above your shoulder, and the other at the top of your hand. Place your middle finger on the top of the ball (in the center) and place your other fingers evenly across the top (your thumb will naturally go to the side, this is fine.)
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    Hold the ball close to your side. Your side can support the football and keep the ball close to you. This makes it harder to fumble and harder for the defenders to bat it out of your hands.
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    Have a firm grip. If you have a loose grip, fumbling will be very easy (especially if you are hit hard.) Having a firm grip on the top and good balance at the bottom will help you hold onto the ball if you get a big tackle or if you are running fast.
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    Avoid the temptation to show off until you have been tackled or score. Common show off moves like dancing with the ball or holding out to your side are huge errors for new players or players with a loose grip. Even if you have an open field to run in, showing off is not a good idea until you have excellent grip and ball carrying skills.This skill is also known as the eagle claw.


  • While you are carrying the ball always make sure to keep it in the hand/arm away from the opponent. This keeps the ball safer and allows defending against pursuers with the free hand. So if you are running along the right sideline keep it closest to the sideline and use your free hand to ward off attackers.
  • Practice running long and short distances to build stamina and skill.
  • Practice hard and daily. Building your skills is key, but letting them drop by slacking is a bad way to go.


  • Don't over practice. You can seriously injure yourself.

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