How to Care for Sapphire Jewelry

Three Parts:Taking care when wearing sapphire jewelryCleaning sapphire jewelry properlyStoring sapphire jewelry

Sapphire jewelry is a sought after bling accessory amongst fashionistas. When you own something this special, you need to put some effort to properly care for it. By being careful with wearing, cleaning and storing your sapphire jewelry, it will last you a lifetime.

Part 1
Taking care when wearing sapphire jewelry

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    Wear sapphire jewelry with care. The basic rule is to put your jewelry on first and take it off last. This means finishing off your makeup before wearing the jewelry. This will keep your jewelry safe from any damage that hair spray or makeup products could cause. Similarly, when removing makeup, make sure you have already removed the sapphire jewelry. This practice will help reduce the amount of cleaning the jewelry requires.
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    Remove your jewelry while doing housework, gardening or other manual jobs. Although sapphire is a very hard stone, it might be scratched, chipped or shattered by being knocked or scraped during manual activities. The stone may also become loose and fall out if knocked. Remove the jewelry while doing cleaning, washing, gardening, dusting, chopping, lifting load etc.
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    Avoid exposing your sapphire jewelry to harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. Cleaning, household and yard/pool chemicals can damage or discolor the setting, react with metal or coat the stone. Never swim or bathe with your jewelry––remove when washing clothes or utensils, cooking or anyway working with chemicals.

Part 2
Cleaning sapphire jewelry properly

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    Clean regularly. Whether you wear your sapphire jewelry regularly or occasionally, it needs proper cleaning to keep it shining and in good condition.
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    Clean at home, using ordinary cleaning supplies. Sapphires are very handy gemstones and you can clean them at home without requiring any special equipment. With just a bit of care, you can wash the pieces at home.
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    Set up a wide bowl. You'll need some lukewarm water and mild detergent. You'll also need a soft brush (a soft toothbrush or an eyeliner brush would work well), a clean piece of jewelry cloth or any soft cloth.
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    Pour the lukewarm water into the bowl. Add few drops of mild detergent to the bowl of lukewarm water.
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    Dip the jewelry in the solution. Let it soak for few minutes. Depending on how dirty the stones are, the soaking time may vary from 5 to 15 minutes.
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    Remove the jewelry from the cleaning solution. Gently scrub it to remove any residues.
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    Dip it for few seconds. Rinse thoroughly under normal water.
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    Clean the jewelry with a soft cloth and ensure that it is fully dry.

Part 3
Storing sapphire jewelry

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    Clean first. Once you have cleaned the sapphires, take a piece of jewelry cloth or muslin cloth and wrap the jewelry in it.
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    Store each piece of jewelry in separate compartments so that they will not scratch each other. Sapphires are hard but other sapphires, rubies, or diamonds can scratch them. And they might scratch other soft stones.
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    Keep your jewelry in a cool place away from direct sunlight or heat. Heat may alter the metal setting or could cause cracks into the stone.


  • Cleaning sapphires at home is easy but you should also get them cleaned annually by expert jeweler. Many local or online jewelry stores offer cleaning services. They will clean your jewelry, check the settings and repair the pieces if required. Jewelers also use ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaner. Provided there are no weak stones in the piece, it is okay to get your sapphire jewelry cleaned this way, as it will remove even the slightest of dirt.


  • The water used should not be very hot. It is advisable to test the temperature.
  • Do not use mechanical cleaners if it is a star sapphire or if the stones have inclusions.
  • Do not soak the jewelry for a longer period. Even the detergent is mild, it might act upon the metal.
  • Never sleep while wearing your jewelry.
  • Never wear your sapphire jewelry while doing housework or yard work.
  • Do not expose your gemstones to direct sunlight or prolonged heat. This may discolor them and crack them.

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