How to Care for Pantyhose

Many women (and even some men) today wear pantyhose regularly for a number of reasons: among other benefits, they provide a finished look for professional or formal dress, they ease chafing between voluptuous thighs, and they even provide a quick fix to conceal blemishes or hairy legs. Pantyhose, or stockings, are quite cheap to purchase, and this makes them readily available for regular wear; however, the nylon/spandex blend from which cheap stockings are made does not hold up well against wear and tear. The cost of frequently replacing damaged pantyhose can quickly add up; however a bit of extra care taken to preserve them can help to lessen the need for replacements.


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    Put pantyhose on carefully. Instead of entering feet at the top of the hose and running them through the length of the legs to the bottom, gather the pantyhose in your fingers until you reach the toes; place your toes into the hose, then stretch the length of the stocking up over your calves and thighs. Be careful, when gathering the stocking, not to twist the legs, as this will affect your ability to stretch them over your leg comfortably.
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    Inspect your pantyhose after each wear for snags and tears. Treat all tears immediately. Apply a small amount of clear nail polish to small tears, in order to prevent the tear from becoming longer. Allow the polish to dry before storing pantyhose.
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    Wash pantyhose after each wear. Instead of storing used pantyhose with other clothes on which they might become caught, wash them with soap in a sink, and hang them on a clothesline to dry. Never wash pantyhose in a washing machine.
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    Store pantyhose carefully. Store them in a plastic bag, in a safe place such as a dresser drawer, where they will be undisturbed by other items that might snag them.


  • Keep your toenails short, and their edges smooth, to avoid snagging them on pantyhose.
  • In order to make laundering easier, you might prefer to hang a length of clothesline across your bathtub; alternatively, many household goods stores sell hangers with clothespins attached that may be hung from a shower head or shower curtain rod.
  • When hanging pantyhose, be mindful of other clothespins nearby, on which they may get caught.
  • Experiment with different pantyhose brands. Some makes are stronger and more resilient than others.
  • Use a lingerie bag to wash your pantyhose. If you use a lingerie bag, you can wash them in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Use cold water and a gentle detergent such as Woolite.


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