How to Care for Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana) is a very hardy succulent plant suitable for indoor and mild outdoor growing. While it is easy to care for while growing and will flower for a long time, it's best to compost the plant after flowering and replace it with another one because it's never quite as good again after it flowers and it's very hard to get it to flower again.


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    Position it in a light, sunny position. This is a plant that is happy to sit on the windowsill provided it doesn't get too hot. The preferred temperature is average warmth, although the cooler the room, the happier the plant will be.
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    Keep the soil semi moist between waterings and ensure that the soil is dry before watering again. It doesn't need a lot of watering. Too much watering can bring about root rot but too dry and the leaves will shrivel and turn yellow.
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    Feed it every two weeks when it's flowering. However, if you don't remember, it'll still thrive. A standard liquid fertiliser is appropriate.
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    If you want to cut the flowers off after flowering, then do so. Otherwise, don't worry about it. It's really only an aesthetics issue.
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    Take cuttings. Rather than trying to keep the plant flourishing after flowering, it's recommended that you take cuttings from it and grow new ones for the next year. And so on, for as long as you like. Cuttings should be placed in a soil-based compost.


  • Playing around with the hours of daylight this plant receives can force it to flower all year round but only through reducing the amount of light. It's up to you and whether you're keen on spending the time doing this.
  • This plant is usually pest free. If aphids bother it, use soapy water to remove them.
  • If you place the plant outside, keep it in the shade.


  • Keep this plant away from draughts.

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