How to Care for Bonsai Tools

Caring for bonsai tools is far easier than trying to work with dull or rusted ones, and it is cheaper than buying new ones every few years. You've made a significant investment purchasing bonsai tools for cultivating and training bonsai. You owe it to yourself to honor your investment and clean your bonsai tools properly after each use.


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    Always inspect your bonsai tools after each use to be sure they are clean and in good working order. For the most part, these are sharp instruments and deserve respect.
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    Clean each bonsai tool of debris and dirt with a cloth. Be gentle. And be careful - the blades are very sharp.
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    Remove any sap. If the blade on your bonsai shears has sap on it, use a little soapy water to remove it. Neglecting to remove the sap will likely cause your bonsai tools to rust.
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    Remove all difficult stains with a piece of bamboo or a wooden spatula. Specially made cleaning oils such as Tri-Flow will also help loosen stains and add lubrication to help the blades resist rust between gardening jobs.
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    Oil bonsai tools. Wipe your bonsai tools dry with a clean rag, and then spray a lubricant on them to protect the metal from corrosion, especially if you store your bonsai tools in a damp garage or basement. Tools subjected to constant humidity fluctuations will corrode at an accelerated rate due to moisture condensation.
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    Use a rust eraser like SandFlex to remove light coatings of rust, as they can affect both the appearance and utility of your bonsai tools. Be sure any residue is carefully washed and rinsed away.
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    Apply rust prevention oil. Once the rust is removed, apply a coat of oil to the newly exposed steel to stop the oxidation process in its tracks.


  • The Bonsai Outlet recommends using Tri-Flow as it does not attract dust like other lubricants, however, lubricants such as 3 in 1 oil or choji oil will work fine.


  • Bonsai tools can and should be quite sharp. Handle with care, supervise children, and instruct them in proper use.

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