How to Care for an Ant

Have you ever wanted to have an extraordinary pet that no one else has ?


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    Get your supplies : You will need a clear bottle, scissors or a knife, and a little environment with some grass and a rock (optional) and of course your ants. Alternatively you could purchase a ready made ant farm from a scientific store or use a clean dirt filled fish bowl.
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    If you are using the bottle method, put holes in the top with the knife or scissors. With the ready made ant farm or fish bowl, made sure it is clean and fill it with soil, sand or dirt up to about three to five centimeters from the top.
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    Catch the ants. To do this either find an anthill and pick as many as you want up or put the bottle over it and wait for them to go up the sides. If no ants are coming out of the anthill put a little sugar water, jam or honey in a jar or shallow dish. Leave it for an hour and when you come back it should be full of ants.
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    Feed them every day, preferably every 6 hours or so. Just a few crumbs will hold them for a while, believe me. Suitable foods are: a few drops of sugar water, jam, honey, bread or cake crumbs, bits of bread soaked in sugar water, tiny pieces of fruit etc. You will also need to water your ant farm so your ants do not die. To do this soak a ball of cotton wool in water and place it in your ant farm or very carefully sprinkle a few tiny drops of water into your ant farm.
    • Some people will let them out after a few hours. But the home you have created for your ants is actually suitable for a permanent abode for them so you do not have to set them free, just continue to look after them as described above.


  • Don't let it get thrown away.


  • It is not recommended that you put any other living thing in the bottle; the new guest may kill the ant(s).
  • It may die.

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