How to Care for a Tinsel Christmas Tree

Whether your tinsel tree is a vintage treasure or a modern-made piece, tinsel trees often require a bit more care and keeping than their petroleum-based brothers and sisters. Below are some steps to follow when unpacking and re-packing your shiny tree.


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    Carefully remove and replace branch sleeves. If the tree comes with sleeves for each branch, carefully slip the sleeves on and off, going with the direction the branches are laying. For instance, if all the tinsel and forks are pointing forward, slip the sleeve off in the forward motion. This will prevent forks and bits of tinsel from breaking, ripping off or tearing the sleeve. If the tree does not have sleeves, consider making some with tissue paper folded gently around the branches.
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    Inspect each branch for breaks. Many tinsel trees can include hidden dangers, such as exposed wire and sharp edges at the site of a broken limb. If any sharp edges are found, cover them with a bit of clear tape.
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    Fluff! The "needles" can often become packed down in storage. Taking a moment to fluff them up can really make the tree much more beautiful.
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    Try not to force pieces together while assembling. Carefully insert each branch into the base, and be careful while spreading out limbs. Using a forceful touch might result in breaks or torn tinsel.
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    Test ornaments' weight on the branches. Using wire hangers, test each ornament on the branches. Some tinsel trees have weak forks which can result in precious heirloom ornaments falling to their doom.
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    Repack with love. Consider placing the tree in a plastic tub or some other sturdy container. Don't let them become crushed in storage and avoid placing other items on top of them.


  • Minimalism is key! While the minimalistic aesthetic looks great with these space-age trees, it's also an important way to keep these trees at their best. Overburdening the branches with ornaments can weigh them down and cause damage. Instead, choose light ball ornaments and simple accessories.
  • Color-coordinate. Remember that tinsel trees aren't all silver! There are gold, pink, blue, green and red tinsel trees that are just the start of the fabulous palette of these sparkly holiday decorations.
  • Spotlight! There are color-changing spotlights made just for tinsel trees which transform the tree into quite a visual spectacle. Additionally, lights around the room will often reflect off the tree, giving it a subtle glow.


  • Most tinsel trees are not made to bear lights. Doing so can prove dangerous and poses a fire hazard.
  • Heavy ornaments and garlands can crush tinsel. Try to avoid heavy items on these delicate trees.

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