How to Care for a Navel Piercing

The care of a navel piercing is essential to prevent infection or complication of any sort. By reading this article, one would learn how to effectively care for a safe, happy piercing.


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    Clean your piercing. This would drastically reduce your chances of developing an infection. An effective way of cleaning your navel piercing is to do sea-salt soaks. A cup of water (the temperature should be as hot as you can stand) mixed with about a pinch or so of sea salt (the solution should be no saltier than your own tears!)should be placed over your navel piercing to let it soak. Do this for about ten minutes twice a day. Using a cotton swab, remove any crusties that have developed.
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    Wear clean, loose-fitted clothing. By doing this, your piercing would be able to breathe allowing it to heal quicker and better. Try to wear clean clothes because dirty clothes, depending on how dirty they are could cause an infection.
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    Try not to move around a lot. Especially if your piercing is brand-new, moving around a lot can irritate your piercing, so try to take it easy for a while.
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    Avoid changing the jewelry until its healed. If you must change it, have your piercer do it for you. If you try removing the jewelry when it's fresh, you'll have difficult inserting the new jewelry in and you can possibly introduce bacteria into your new piercing, risking an infection. You don't want that, do you?


  • If you notice anything wrong with your piercing, contact your piercer. They would be more than happy to assist you. If necessary, visit your doctor if you notice any infection (foul odor, pain, redness, swelling, odd-colored discharge).
  • If you think your piercing is infected, DO NOT REMOVE THE JEWELRY! It would be more difficult to treat if you did.
  • Don't use alcohol, tea tree oil or hydrogen peroxide on your piercing. These products are harsh to piercings and regular usage will do more harm than good.

Things You'll Need

  • warm/hot water
  • sea salt
  • cotton swabs
  • loose-fitted clothing

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