How to Cancel Xbox Live

Three Methods:Canceling OnlineCanceling via PhoneVisiting the "Contact Us" Page

Xbox Live is an online subscription service that allows players to play games online. Deciding to cancel this subscription means terminating the option of renewal to its service. With an Internet connection or phone service, cancelling Xbox Live subscription can be done easily.

Method 1
Canceling Online

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    Access the Xbox website. On your browser, go to and access your account. Login using your Microsoft credentials and go straight to My Account.
    • Use the credentials associated with your Xbox Live account. It may be the same as your Skype, Outlook, Windows 8, or other Microsoft accounts.
    • You may need to re-enter your credentials before accessing the My Account page.
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    Select "Payment and Billing". In the My Account page you will see 4 main options: Payment & Billing, Subscriptions, Security, Family & Forums, and Manage Devices. Select "Payment and Billing".
    • Selecting Subscriptions will display your current active subscription with Xbox Live. It also shows how long it is active.
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    Select "Remove Payment Options". Upon selecting this option, you will be shown your credit card information and its expiration date. From here, you can edit or remove your credit card information.
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    Click "Remove". Click "Remove" to deactivate automatic renewal of your Xbox Live subscription (granting that it is set to auto-renew). You will then be asked by the system if you are sure of the removal. Choose "Yes" to go ahead with the deactivation.
    • Technically, you are still an Xbox Live subscriber until your current membership expires. In short, this method ends your membership at the end of your current term.

Method 2
Canceling via Phone

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    Prepare your account's email, phone number, or gamer tag. You will provide the representative any or all of those to validate your identity.
    • You must have your phone or your email available because they will either text or email you a "security proof" to confirm your identity.
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    Call Xbox support. In USA and Canada, you can call Xbox support toll-free for Xbox Live cancellation at (800) 4MY-XBOX or (800) 469-9269 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 a.m. EST, 7 days a week.
    • Hit 1 for English, then 2 for account/billing. Someone will come on the line after that.
    • Hearing impaired subscribers can call Xbox support toll-free at (866) 740-9269 or directly at (425) 635-7102.
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    Be careful. Unlike cancellation online, cancellation via phone can actually instantly terminate your Xbox Live subscription without waiting for your current subscription's expiration. In short, this method ends your membership immediately when you request for it specifically.

Method 3
Visiting the "Contact Us" Page

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    Choose a contact method. In this page, you can either chat with a Microsoft support representative or request a call from support to start the cancellation of your Xbox Live membership.
    • In choosing to chat with a representative, you will be making your cancellation request by actually chatting with a Microsoft representative. Just indicate your concern before opening the chat window.
    • Instead of you contacting Microsoft support, you can just request a representative to contact you instead by clicking the "Request a Call from Support" option in the Contact Us page. Just indicate the contact number you wish to be reached at, and have that phone nearby.
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    Be specific. Again, be specific in communicating with the representative. Remember, you can cancel your Xbox Live subscription instantly if you request that specifically.
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    Wait your turn. You may be placed in a queue or line if the representatives are still busy at the time of your request. The wait time is indicated on the page.


  • Be patient, sometimes calling can require waiting.


  • Only cancel if you're sure you want to cancel. It can be a pain to sign up again.

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