How to Cancel an Uber Request

Two Methods:Canceling a Request as a PassengerCanceling a Ride as a Driver

After requesting an Uber ride, you have five minutes to cancel for free. After that, unless there's a problem, cancelling will come with a fee to compensate the driver for her time. Drivers can also cancel the ride, and can choose whether or not to charge the rider a fee.

Method 1
Canceling a Request as a Passenger

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    Press the driver or car photo to locate the cancellation button. On most versions of the Uber app, including the latest iPhone and Android versions, there is a photo of the driver or the car near the bottom of the screen. Touch this photo and more options will appear, including a cancel button on the right side of the screen.
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    Look for the button elsewhere. If you are on a less common device or an older phone OS, you might need to look for the cancel button elsewhere. Try these:
    • "Cancel" in the top left corner of the app.[1]
    • "Cancel" in the top right corner.
    • Touch the down arrow at the bottom of the screen, then cancel.
    • Touch "tools" in the top right, then cancel.
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    Know the cancellation policy. There are three possible situations here:[2]
    • You made the request less than five minutes ago. You can cancel for free.
    • Your driver is more than five minutes behind the estimated arrival time. No matter how long ago you made the request, you can cancel for free.
    • You made the request more than five minutes ago, and the driver is on schedule. If you cancel, you will be charged a fee based on your area.
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    Look up your cancellation fee. Visit and look up the city you're currently in. Scroll down below the car and select the type of service (the basic UberX is selected by default). The cancellation fee is listed on the right side of this info bar.
    • The fee for an UberX cancellation is typically around $7.50 US, £5, or €10. In countries with other currencies, there is a wide range of fees (often lower). Cancellation fees are higher for luxury services.
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    Avoid scams. Some Uber drivers will call you and try to convince you to cancel the request. This is reasonable if the request was less than five minutes ago, or if you made a mistake (such as pinning the wrong location or failing to show up promptly). If neither of these situations apply, make the Uber driver cancel instead to avoid the fee.
    • If you did make a mistake, Uber may still charge you the fee even if the driver is the one who cancels.
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    Contact Uber customer support. If you were charged a cancellation fee because of a driver's mistake, you can try to get it refunded. Log in to your account on and visit this page to get started. You'll be asked to describe what happened in an online form.

Method 2
Canceling a Ride as a Driver

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    Contact the passenger first. If you have not already tried to contact the customer, do so now. Uber can get nosy if you cancel too often, so it looks good if you show you're making an effort to find alternate solutions.
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    Touch the info button. This looks like the letter i inside a circle, or the word "info." On most versions of the Uber app for drivers, the info button is in the top right.
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    Select cancel. This option is typically at the bottom of the info menu.
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    Provide a reason for the cancellation. Choose the option that best describes the situation, such as "No Show" or "Wrong location."[3] If the passenger did nothing wrong, choose "Do Not Charge Rider."
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    Go offline for a few minutes (optional). If you were waiting at the pickup location and canceled because the passenger was late, go offline. The passenger will usually try to request another Uber ride, and may react angrily if he is connected to you a second time.
    • If the passenger tries to contact you after the cancellation, there is no need to respond.
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    Know the cancellation policy. If you want your share of the cancellation fee, you must arrive less than five minutes behind schedule. You must also wait for the passenger for no less than five minutes before canceling.
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    Contact Uber over fee disagreements. If you should have received a cancellation fee and did not, contact the Uber employee in charge of drivers for your area.


  • Uber sometimes tries to convince drivers to wait up to 10 minutes for the passenger. You are not required to do this unless your contract says otherwise.[4]


  • Drivers should not use the "Begin trip" and "End trip" buttons to cancel a request. This will cause the passenger to be charged the minimum fare.[5]
  • A warning to drivers: Uber can terminate your driver status if you cancel too often.

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