How to Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

The fact remains that many chemicals being included in perfumes, make-up, soap, sunscreen and shampoo are not regulated, despite knowing that build-up of them after repeated use can cause cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological diseases. Worse, many chemicals have not even been tested. We don't know what they'll do to your health, the health of the people making them at the plant, or the environment once they're washed down the sink. Here's what you can do to encourage tougher regulations for cosmetics industry!


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    Get informed. Check out the following resources:
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    Make the Change in Your Own Life. Look up the products you use on the Cosmetic Safety Database, and if need be, switch to a less harmful product.
    • Look for products at your local Health Food Store, but be wary of labels claiming their product is 'natural' or 'organic': by law, they don't have to be honest!
    • Try Make Your Hair Silky and Shiny With Vinegar
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    Spread the word.
    • Share The Story of Cosmetics and 16 Deaths Per Day on your Facebook wall.
    • Post messages pointing to a campaign site around your neighborhood, women's washrooms are a particularly good place for them.
    • Consider writing your messages in your favourite lead-based lipstick! #* Turning dangerous cosmetics into paints, or make homemade hairspray.
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    • Participate in Femme Toxic's email-writing campaigns
    • Sign the 16 Deaths Per Day petition.
    • If you live in the United States, write to your government representatives that let them know that you support the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. (


  • As more research about cosmetic ingredients becomes available, the Cosmetics Safety Database will change. Stay updated!

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