How to Camp With Kids

Camping is something that can be really fun for kids if you do it right. The only problem is, kids are kids, and they may take camping a completely different way then you. Even if you've been camping 100 times before, if your taking your kids along, it's probably going to be way different. You need to know how to keep they're attention -- and make camping with them as fun as it can be.


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    Before leaving, explain to the kids exactly where you're going to be camping, what you're going to be eating, and when exactly you're going to do what you're going to do.
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    While driving, play games and sing songs. Even if the car ride isn't much more then one to the store or school, it's going to feel different to the kids.
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    Help your kids with setting up their tent. It may seem nice to tell them to just follow the instructions, especially if they're over 10, but the instructions might get confusing for even you, and your kid is going to have trouble focusing.
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    Do everything in periods. Even if your kids seem really enthusiastic about hiking, swimming, or fishing, they may start to get bored. Keep things fast-paced so you're constantly having fun.
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    Eat good foods. You may want your kids to start eating squash and rice crackers instead of hamburgers and cookies, but if you want them to like camping, right now isn't the time to crack down.
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    Make bedtime early. It's going to be scary for them, especially one the first night, so give them plenty of time to settle down before they really need to be asleep.
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    Keep the trip short, and be prepared to leave early. It's nice to go camping for 10 days, but you need to be ready for your 7-year-old to get sick or freak out and decide she's not camping for more then two days.


  • Be patient. When your kids see the woodsy setting they're going to be living in for the next week, they're liable to freak out or have a screaming fit.
  • Make everything fun. Even if it's using the bathroom or napping, make it a game or a challenge.


  • Don't camp out on any place with dangers. Camping with kids means camping in a totally safe place.

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