How to Camp in the Wilderness

Wanna get away from it all? Feel like taking a great "back to nature" camping trip but are a city dweller? Here are some great tips on how to get away from things and have a great time doing it.


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    Find a spot. Pick out a nearby State or National park and look it up online. Without proper planning, you might end up having a terrible time if members of your party want electricity and plumbing.
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    Take along the right people. Some people love to "rough it," but many people don't and will be missing their refrigerator, stove, and bathtub before 24 hours is up. Good friends that get along and won't end up ruining the trip are essential. Also, don't go camping without someone that is experienced in at least something... Does anyone know how to tie a knot or build a fire? Invite your Army buddy, you'll be glad later.
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    Bring the right tools. Plan for anything, and a misadventure turns out well. Plan for nothing, and something will go wrong and you won't have fun. Bring along the basics: Water, Fire, Shelter, Food. Bring the beer if someone feels like carrying it. A basic first aid kit is a must, along with lighters, flares, and if you're going extremely far from civilization, an emergencies radio beacon.
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    Enjoy! As long as the weather doesn't turn bad on you, you probably enjoyed roasting weenies and marshmallows over the campfire with really good friends. Mixed company is great for this type of trip.


  • Be aware of swimming spots. If you are camping near a lake, you may want to bring swimwear to go swimming.
  • It's so much fun to just be out in nature. Force yourself not to bring a bunch of electronics...just enjoy where you are while you have the time!!
  • Maps + Compass + Knowing how to use them = knowing where you are.
  • It's a good idea to bring cards and/or a board game. You can play at the picnic table in the afternoon or evening (with a lantern set up). It also gives you something to do if it is raining and you want to be in the tent.
  • Plan your meals. You should bring meals that you can make while camping. It is useful if you have a stove that is made for camping trips. The fire works too, if you know how to cook on an open fire.
  • No whining or crying due to lack of "luxuries." Don't take anyone with you that will cry because they can't put on makeup or will miss their mommy/daddy/boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Follow the rules of the campground. Be reasonable with your noise, and be quiet during quiet hours. Also, fire rules are important to follow, but that is the same with all rules.
  • This isn't an episode of "Survivor" or some other fake show. No one will be there to rescue you, so be careful. You will not have to eat grubs if you brought a cooler and plenty of ice. You might even die during camping, so camp where its really safe~
  • Be sure the weather is going to be decent for the weekend; if not, postpone. Camping in the rain is no fun.
  • It is best to go on an outing with a guide who has experience with the situation. This keeps you safe and enables you to learn more about camping outdoors and your environment.
  • If you can, camp in your back yard first, to see if you like it. There's no use in getting to the wilderness only to find you're not going to enjoy yourself!
  • Bring your Leatherman or Swiss Army knife, MacGyver wasn't stupid.
  • Talk to your local Boy Scout Troop. They know the best places to camp and how to have so much fun there!
  • Ask a friend to go along for the trip and adventures you may run into.


  • Be careful with wild animals!!! If you see a black bear or puma, make loud noises and throw things. If you see a grizzly bear, curl into a ball and pretend to be a rock. The bear may step on you, but it's better than the alternative. And whatever you do, do not approach a wild animal of any kind, no matter how docile and non-dangerous it looks. Any wild animal can carry disease or attack you if it is frightened. And don't think baby animals are an exception, either, because you never know when its mother or father will come back.
  • Watch your fires! Put them out, and don't start them in areas that are not open and free of brush and flammables.
  • If you aren't careful and responsible, you might severely injure yourself or die.

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