How to Call Off an Engagement

While calling off an engagement may seem like an awful thing to do, it would be way worse marrying the wrong person or being one of the 50% of marriages that fails. In order to remain classy in calling off the engagement try to keep the drama to a minimum and make sure to keep your fiancé's feelings in mind as well as his/her family's and your own.


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    Keep it private at first. If you are having doubts do not announce them to the world. It could just be cold feet or a misunderstanding. Speak with your fiancé at first. Do not make it a big deal, simply sit him/her down for the talk and let them know how you are feeling.
    • If there is no doubt in your mind, and if something has completely changed your mind, you should still speak to your fiancé, it will save them a huge humiliation.
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    Let both of the families know. It would be best if you could do it together. The sooner you call things off, the easier it will be. That way you will have less things to cancel on and will have to explain to less people. If you have already sent out the invitations, a simple call will do.
    • Remember that explaining the details of why you changed your mind isn't always needed. You can keep the details private if you prefer.
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    Cancel the wedding plans.
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    Make sure to stay away from social media. You should not go on because there will most likely be drama or you may have the urge to vent or explain things. Do not do this. Creating drama is not classy.
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    Remember to not let people get to you. You may want or need a vacation. Hangout with your good friends that will not judge you, or with a couple of people you are really close with that will just let you have fun. If that is not possible, just relax, and let go.
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    Do not overthink it. Just think of it as a dodged bullet. You may have saved a lot of future heartbreak for you or your significant other. This may show you a different side that you did not realize your partner had. It could be a scary side, or a side that you did not expect.
    • It could be an understanding and mature side that may make you fall in love with them again. Perhaps you may even find they were only going through with it because you were and sensed a relief after giving the news.

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