How to Call Off a Wedding with Class

You've decided that Mr. or Ms. Right isn't right for you and now you need to call off your wedding. Unless you have a degree in public relations, you're bound to feel at least a little lost here but don't despair. You can gracefully put a stop to the proceedings in just a few steps.


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    Have a talk with your former love to end things properly. Many people wait for the dramatic "I don't" moment and this should be avoided whenever possible. End things properly between yourselves before announcing everything to your would be guests.
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    Talk with the families and wedding party. Only tell them what you are comfortable with revealing and be sure to thank them for the time and effort that they have already put into this event.
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    Personally contact all your guests. This is a bit tricky because there are going to be people who want you to reconsider, people who want the dirt on why you called it off, people who assume, and say mean remarks about either you or your once intended. Do not give in to any of these people. Do not badmouth your former paramour even if the temptation is killing you. Above all else, be diplomatic and simply say that you have decided not to go through with it. Thank them for their RSVP and do return any gifts that were sent to you unless the giver insists that you keep them.
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    Contact your vendors right away to cancel. There is a good chance that you will not get all your deposits back but don't fret over that. Losing deposits is much less of an expense than a divorce! Be gracious. Tell your vendors that you loved the work that they did for you and that you will most pass their information on to others. Be sure to write a nice referral on their website if they are especially nice to work with. (Again, do not include any personal details here. A simple "This vendor is a pleasure to work with and he/she did a lovely job" will suffice.)
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    Spend the next two weeks wallowing. Cry, eat ice cream, live in your pajamas, and be a mess in private. Stay in and live on delivery food and reality TV. As soon as the two weeks are up, pull yourself together and begin to rebuild your life as a fabulous singleton again.

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