How to Calculate Jury Duty Pay

Jury duty is considered a civic duty in the U.S. Jurors are compensated for their time, but the amount paid can vary by county and state. The amount of money paid is dependent on the length of the trial and area it is held in. This article will tell you how to calculate jury duty pay.


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    Look at your jurisdiction's website or call the number on your summons to find out the daily pay of a juror.
    • Some jurisdictions have a flat rate for each day, but many regions pay jurors more money after the first day.
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    Check your county's policy on paid mileage. Most jurors are compensated for the amount of mileage they must travel in addition to their daily wage.
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    Consider how far you must go to get to the court that summoned you. State and federal courts might be farther away in some areas.
    • You might be entitled to hotel and meal reimbursement if you live in rural areas where it takes a long time to get to the courthouse.
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    Find out from your employer and the court if you are entitled to payment from your employer while doing jury duty.
    • Some states have made it mandatory for employers to pay regular wages for the first 2-to-3 days of jury service. However, in many states, an employer is not required to pay an employee during jury duty.
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    Estimate your jury pay by adding together these factors. The amount you actually get varies on the length of your service.

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