How to Buy Wedding Gifts

After all of the pre-wedding, gift-giving events, guests are left wondering how to buy wedding gifts that are appropriate and within a budget. The business of giving wedding gifts has guests spending nearly $7 million per year. With guidelines in place, you can find ways to buy wedding gifts for any bride or groom, regardless of your relationship to him or her.


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    Shop the couple's wedding registry. When you wonder how to buy wedding gifts, this can help you find what the couple wants. Plus, the store will often wrap and send the gift for you.
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    Buy a practical gift when in doubt or if the couple doesn't have a registry. Base your decision on what you know the couple enjoys.
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    Consider giving a cash or check gift. Money is a one-size-fits-all gift that many couples prefer but won't ask for in order to be polite.
    • Get creative in ways to give a cash gift.
    • Find out whether the couple will host a money dance, money tree or a birdcage at the reception. A money dance, or dollar dance, involves showering the dancing newlyweds with dollar bills. A money tree is a small tree that guests can clip or tie money to. Couples sometimes use an ornate birdcage where guests can drop cards or checks.
    • Give money art. This involves creating artwork, such as an origami sculpture made out of dollar bills.
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    Discuss giving a gift along with a group of friends or relatives who are also invited to the wedding. Pooling money can allow you to buy a big-ticket item that individuals can't afford.
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    Include a gift receipt. Even when you buy wedding gifts from a registry, it's possible for the couple to receive more than one of the same item. A gift receipt makes it easy for the couple to exchange your gift.
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    Ship the gift. It can be inconvenient for the couple to have to carry home gifts brought to the wedding.
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    Make sure you send the gift no longer than 2 months after the wedding ceremony. With endless forms of communication and expedited shipping, there is no excuse for waiting any longer than that.


  • Make sure what you get them is what they actually want or they won't use your gift!
  • It is proper wedding etiquette to send a gift or small token if you've received an invitation even if you are not attending the wedding.

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