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Buying a used Apple computer can be an economical alternative to buying a brand-new Apple computer, especially if you know how to choose a computer that works efficiently and contains an updated software version. When buying a used Apple computer, you should determine its current condition and wear, and whether or not the software on the computer can be upgraded. You can then buy a used Apple computer either directly from a retailer, from a consumer who no longer needs the computer, or directly from Apple. Continue reading this article to learn about what to look for in a used Apple computer, and about the venues from which to purchase these computers.

Method 1
Choosing a Used Apple Computer

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    Examine the physical state of the computer's hardware. You may want to buy a used Apple computer in decent physical condition that is not currently in disrepair, and that does not contain excessive signs of wear.
    • If you are buying a laptop, examine the keys and trackpad for signs of fading or rubbed away letters, numbers, and symbols, which can indicate excessive use.
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    Determine the version of the operating system currently installed on the computer. You may not want to purchase a used Apple computer running on an outdated operating system, unless it has enough memory to support an upgraded operating system.
    • If upgrading the operating system is required, verify that the computer's hardware can handle the upgrade in terms of memory and processing speed. For example, if at least 2 additional gigabytes (GB) of memory are required to run a newer operating system, verify that you can install at least 2 GB of memory on the machine.
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    Verify that an installation disc is provided with the used Apple computer. The installation disc is necessary if for some reason you need to reinstall the Apple's operating system and software.
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    Look specifically for a refurbished Apple computer. Although refurbished computers may have been returned to the manufacturer at one point, Apple technicians have either repaired the computers, replaced non-working parts, or upgraded the computer to return it to a fully operational state.
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    Determine the history of the used computer. You may want to buy a used computer that has only had 1 previous owner, or that has not been moved frequently between locations.
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    Ask the current owner why they are selling the computer. There may be no issues with the computer if the owner is upgrading to a newer model; however, if they are selling the computer because it frequently experienced issues, you may not want to buy that particular computer.

Method 2
Buying a Used Apple Computer

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    Shop for refurbished Apple computers at the Apple Store. In most cases, a used, refurbished computer being sold by Apple is provided with a 1-year warranty in the event the computer experiences issues.
    • Visit the "Macworld" website provided to you in the Sources section of this article, then click on the "refurbished model section" link within the paragraph discussing refurbished computers. You will then be redirected to Apple's refurbished computer store.
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    Shop online for used Apple computers being sold by other consumers. Auction websites such as eBay and uBid, and online classified ad websites such as Craigslist and eBay Classifieds feature used Apple computers for sale.
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    Buy used Apple computers from online retailers. Some online vendors specialize in selling used or refurbished electronics, and sometimes receive older models of Apple computers at wholesale value.
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    Read and review the policies of online sellers. Regardless of the website or seller you purchase the computer from, you may want to verify that you can return or receive a refund for the computer if the product is not as described or does not work properly.

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