How to Buy the Right Used Garbage Truck for Your Business

When we talk of vehicles, the automobile is the first thing that comes to most people’s mind. We never give much thought to the importance of heavy duty utility vehicles that make the quality of our lives better. Garbage trucks which are also referred to as refuse trucks or trash trucks are one of the best examples of such vehicles. Garbage trucks keep our cities and neighborhoods clean and sanitary making them a pleasant place to live.

If you have a waste collection operation or are thinking of starting a new one, then the time will come when you will need to buy a trash truck. With demand for garbage trucks being very high this is causing prices for new trucks to go higher than ever before. There is a way to avoid paying those higher prices by buying used garbage trucks to use instead of buying a new one. The cost savings by purchasing a used truck is substantial and should be seriously considered. You can find the type of garbage truck that you are looking for without having to pay the higher price. We have put together some tips that can help those of you that are


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    Determine Which Type of Truck You Need. The first thing you will need to do is decide what kind of garbage truck you are looking to buy. This will be based primarily by how you will be using the truck. If you are doing commercial waste removal you will likely need either a front loader or rear loader to be able to accommodate the large volume of trash. If you will be using the truck for residential waste removal, a side loader will serve you best because of its ability to quickly pick up a large number of relatively small containers of trash from the curbside.
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    Choose the Right Dealership. The next thing you must decide after choosing the right truck is the right dealership you want to purchase the truck from. Find a dealership that has a large selection of the type of truck you are looking for and try to find references or reviews for the dealer. Reading reviews and speaking to people who have worked with dealers before is a good way to find a reputable source to buy your next truck.
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    A Quality Used Garbage Truck. You really don’t want to buy a used truck that you will constantly need to be fixing and spending money on just to keep it on the road. Buying a used refuse truck can become a bad investment if you don’t look for quality used garbage trucks for sale. It is a general rule that a truck that has low mileage and is well maintained will be a better truck. The location where the truck was used is also critical due to rust and corrosion concerns. Trucks from dry and temperate locations are typically in better condition. Some dealerships also provide complete reconditioning and painting options for their customers.
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    Stay Within Your Budget. Never spend more than you can afford. It is imperative that you remain within your budget regardless of what you are being told by the dealer. It is in your best interest to stay within your financial means when looking to buy a truck. A good dealer will be able to accommodate your needs without having to break the bank.
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    Using Financing to Buy Your Truck. Financing a garbage truck purchase can make great financial sense. It frees up capital that can be used in other aspects of your business. With interest rates at historical lows, keeping your down payment and monthly payments low is easier than ever.
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    Dealership or Private Seller?. A big mistake that buyers make sometimes is purchasing a vehicle from a private seller. Private sellers generally do not have to follow strict laws and regulations that licensed dealers must adhere to which can mean that you will not have any recourse if you make a bad purchase. Dealerships are able to offer warranties and have financing programs in place that you will simplify your buying experience and give you peace of mind.
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    Ask Lots of Questions. It is imperative that you understand everything throughout the process of purchasing a used garbage truck. Make sure that all of your questions are being answered so that you can make an informed purchase. Take your time and do your homework. If you follow these tips, you can find a great used truck that will serve you well for years to come.


  • It is always advisable that before you buy one of these heavy duty vehicles that you are as informed as possible about both the vehicle you are looking to purchase and the source you are looking make the purchase from. Know your exact needs and requirements before you make any commitments as the assortment of garbage trucks can easily confuse you.


  • When you are searching for used trash trucks, make sure that you check not only the condition of the truck but also the reputation of the source from which you will be making your purchase. The truck you end up purchasing is only as good as the dealer or individual who stands behind their product.

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