How to Buy the Proper Hockey Gear

If you've just started playing hockey, you probably don't know what gear to buy. So many new players go out and buy the cheapest or most expensive items they can find, not taking into account quality and durability. Here's how not to make that mistake and buy the correct hockey gear, first time.


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    Choose a helmet. Helmets are probably the most important part of your hockey gear. Without it, a hard fall could seriously injure you. Since helmets can and have saved lives, you'll want a good quality one. Reebok 8K, Cascade M11 Messier, Bauer 5100, CCM Vector V08 and Easton Stealth S19 Z-Shock are all good choices, although they can be quite pricey. When buying your helmet, make sure it fits right too.
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    Choose some skates. Without skates, you won't be able to move. Also, if you have bad quality skates you won't be able to skate very smoothly or they could break mid-game. Like the helmet, your skates need to fit well, but not too tight. Bauer APX are great skates, although they cost quite a bit. Research some other nice skates and shop around to find them cheapest.
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    Choose some gloves. Gloves keep your hands warm and help you get a good grip on your stick. They can also protect your hands and knuckles from a flying puck, a hard knock from a stick or just a fall. You don't always need top of the line gloves so just look around for some nice strong ones.
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    Choose a stick. The stick that you use has to be good otherwise it could break, making you mess up a good chance. While all sticks might break eventually, one95's vapor 40's, 10k or ak27 are all quite good. If you don't like the way the stick's bent, heat it with a heat gun and bend it to your liking. Keep in mind that this could weaken the stick.


  • Ask your teammates or coach about good gear.

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