How to Buy Tampon Vending Machines

Tampon vending machines are found in bathrooms, locker room, and even changing stations around the world. While these machines are often overlooked, they are necessary for female customers and clients. No matter if you are updating the look of one of these existing facilities, or are starting from scratch, you will need to know how to buy tampon vending machines to successfully manage this type of business.


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    Consider the needs of your clients.
    • Before you purchase a tampon vending machine, it is important to consider who you will be supplying. If your facility is frequented mostly by women in their 20s, 30s, or 40s, regular tampons should be fine. If you see most of your traffic from young girls or older women, however, you should consider supplying maxi pads in addition to tampons, as these girls may not have yet become comfortable with the use of tampons. In addition, older women may prefer the use of a maxi pad to that of a tampon for greater comfort.
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    Determine the ideal size of the tampon vending machine.
    • Consider the number of women who will require the use of the tampon vending machine. If you believe that the machine will only be used on occasion, avoid buying a very large vending machine, as overstocking can occur. Overstocking can lead to tampons which are torn or otherwise damaged due to lack of use.
    • In contrast, a facility that is determined to have a lot of traffic from women should consider a large vending machine. A machine that is too small for the demand will need too-frequent restocking, which can be time consuming and frustrating.
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    Shop for tampon vending machines.
    • Once you've identified the ideal size and type of tampon vending machine for your needs, you can begin shopping for the right one. Tampon vending machines are often sold at restaurant retailers, online stores, and in some cases, even construction or contracting companies.
    • Restaurants and gyms which are going out of business are possible avenues for you to buy tampon vending machines. These companies will usually sell you the product at a much lower rate than if you were to buy it new.
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    Consider the warranties associated with tampon vending machines.
    • While buying a used vending machine may be cheaper, you will typically not be able to obtain a manufacturer's warranty. Familiarize yourself with the warranties associated with particular models. While some outlets may not offer ideal warranties on the machine, the company may deliver and repair the machine at reduced rates.
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    Settle on a price.
    • Once you have identified an ideal tampon vending machine, choose a price that is acceptable to both you and the seller. Often, you can negotiate with the individual selling the product for a lower product cost.


  • Keep the name and phone number of the person or company who sold you the tampon vending machine handy in case of emergency. You do not want to be searching for contact information when you are in need of service or replacement of the machine.

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