How to Buy Tack for Horses

When buying tack for horses there are several pieces of equipment that you need to include on your shopping list. Tack for horses includes a saddle and saddle pad, bridle, halter and lead rope, a girth or cinch and blankets in addition to the traditional grooming equipment that every horse owner needs to have. If your horse participates in jumping sports events then you will want to get a set of splint boots that protect the horse's legs, particularly the muscles and bones, from injury during jumping or galloping. You can purchase tack for horses at the traditional horse supply store, which is typically referred to as a tack shop, or you can order your supplies online, from a catalog, or at an equine expo that horse equipment suppliers often attend. Here are some helpful tips on how to buy tack for horses.


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    Realize that the saddle and saddle pad are one of the most important pieces of horse equipment to shop for when buying tack for horses. A good saddle provides the rider with balance and it should be comfortable and a good fit.
    • There are several good places where you can purchase a saddle and saddle pad. Depending on where you live, look in the yellow pages section of your phone book first for local horse equipment suppliers.
    • Search your yellow page listings under headings such as horse accessories or horse equipment and services in addition to equestrian centers. Riding stables may be able to refer you to a reputable supplier if you live in a rural area and need to travel to pick up a saddle and saddle pad. Also consider browsing the Internet for local horse equipment suppliers.
    • Decide if you are going to purchase an English or Western style saddle. Make sure that you get safety stirrups that are designed to release a rider's foot in the event of a fall from the saddle while riding. With regular stirrups, the foot may get caught and stuck in the stirrup during a fall, resulting in serious injury for the rider.
    • Maintain your saddle pad and keep it clean for your own comfort and for your horse's comfort as well. You can rinse your saddle pad off with a hose and also clean it in your washing machine on a weekly basis with a good laundry detergent.
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    Consider the type of bridle and bit so that they are a good fit for your horse. There are several types of bridles available made from both leather as well as synthetic materials.
    • Select a bit that will be comfortable for your horse since it is a mouthpiece. If you are unsure, ask for advice and suggestions when visiting the horse tack shop.
    • You can explore the same resources that you used earlier when looking for a saddle and saddle pad. Search your yellow page listings first for local horse equipment proprietors. Visit local horse tack suppliers as well as contacting equestrian centers to get suggestions for horse equipment suppliers in your area.
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    Recognize when purchasing a halter that you should purchase one that has a breakaway halter headpiece. If your horse is outside running freely within your field and gets caught or tangled up, the wrong halter can injure your horse.
    • Several types of halters are available for you to purchase at the horse tack shop. Some halters are made from leather and others are made from nylon.
    • Choose the type that best suits your needs and is a good match for your horse and the types of activities that it engages in. You should be able to pick up the halter at the same horse tack shop where you will be purchasing your other equipment. Most horse equipment suppliers offer a wide selection of horse tack for their customers.
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    Measure your horse so that you get the correct size English girth or Western cinch. A girth or cinch is a belt that keeps the saddle in place.
    • There are a variety of materials that English girths and Western cinches are made from. Options include leather as well as wool and synthetic materials such as nylon. You will be able to find girths and cinches during your shopping trip to a local horse tack shop in your area.
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    Select the remaining horse tack, including blankets, in addition to grooming equipment. Remember to purchase protective splint boots if your horse is an active participant in jumping events. Good quality horse tack will protect both the rider as well as the horse and enhance the overall riding experience.

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