How to Buy Pregnancy Jeans

As your pregnancy progresses it will become increasingly uncomfortable to move comfortably in the jeans you wore before you became pregnant. Buy pregnancy jeans if the jeans you already own are too tight, or if you need the elastic band to feel less restricted as your belly expands.


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    Assess your pre-pregnancy jeans.
    • Make note of cuts, fits, washes and rises you tend to prefer. Decide whether you will be more comfortable with changes to your style during pregnancy.
    • Pure denim, without any blends that allow for stretch, will probably not be comfortable in pregnancy, even if it was what you preferred pre-pregnancy. Also avoid tight fits and rises that are either very high or very low, as these can look awkward on a pregnant body, especially in the later stages when your belly will push lower rises further down, and pull higher rises further up.
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    Find stores in your area that sell maternity jeans, and decide where you will shop.
    • Maternity jeans are usually available in boutiques, department stores, mass retailers and thrift stores. Decide where to shop based on your budget, style preference and how much sales assistance you require.
    • Most women prefer specially-designed maternity jeans to regular jeans in larger sizes because maternity jeans are made to accommodate a growing belly without being too long or loose in the legs.
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    Request help from a sales associate.
    • Ask the associate to show you the jeans with different types of waistbands that are in stock, and decide which you prefer.
    • Most retailers offer a choice of a band that sits below your belly, a band that stretches over your belly, and a band that can roll down or stretch upward.
    • Some women know right away that they want their belly covered, and others know right away that they don't want coverage. If you aren't sure, buy several pairs with different bands, or stick with the rolling band.
    • Many women prefer the full coverage panel later in pregnancy, since the panel helps to keep the body looking more streamlined, and it offers a layer of protection for stretching skin.
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    Pick out jeans to try on in your regular size.
    • Look for the cuts, fits and washes that are most appealing based on your personal style and how you are feeling in pregnancy.
    • Maternity jean sizing is supposed to correspond to standard sizing, but this isn't always the case, so don't spend too much time picking out the perfect jeans until you've tried on a few pairs.
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    Try on the jeans and ask for different sizes if necessary.
    • Most maternity stores offer fake pregnancy bellies you can strap on to see how the jeans will fit once you are further along. Buy a few pairs in a larger size if they are too tight to fit the belly.
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    Buy the jeans that fit well, feel comfortable and look flattering.
    • You may need to try other stores if you don't find any suitable pairs the first time.


  • You can save money by borrowing maternity jeans from friends, or purchasing them at resale shops, but make sure to try them on before borrowing or buying. They may have stretched during the final stages of the previous owner's pregnancy.
  • Use a specially-designed belly band to prolong the life of your pre-pregnancy jeans. Belly bands are available in most maternity stores. They are elasticized fabric bands that fit around your hips, allowing you to wear your jeans unbuttoned without anyone noticing or the jeans falling down. Many women do not need to purchase maternity jeans until the second or third trimesters thanks to the belly band. The belly band can also hold up your maternity jeans if they are too loose at first.

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