How to Buy Persian Rugs

Whether you're searching for a new room or want to spice up an old, a great quality, hand woven Persian rug can do just the trick. These rugs are slowly becoming a lost art, and the best ones tell fantastic stories in their patterns and by those who made them, that can be passed down for generations.


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    Find a rug importer in your area, preferably one who deals directly with the weaver(s) who made them, they tend to be better aware of their products' origins and quality. You should also lean towards someone who's been in the business for a decent amount of time. **see tips for more about dealer finding
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    Come to the store with a basic idea of what you want, and the level of intricacy you're going for (generally, the more intricate the knot, the more expensive the rugs will be). If you don't know exactly what you're going for, that's okay too. A really great rug connoisseur will be able to help you identify exactly what style would fit you and your space best.
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    Begin browsing rugs that are in your price range, and pick out maybe 10-12 that you like. Depending on the size you're looking at, you may not be able to lay them all out next to each other, but do your best to remember them as you view the others.
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    Take your list of rugs and sort them into groups. Examples would be 'rugs with heavy use of red' 'rugs with more intricate patterns' and the like.
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    From those groups you've made, depending on the size and quantity of the groups, eliminate two or three from each. Then you should have maybe 3 or 4 rugs left. At this point you would probably be able to put them next to each other.
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    If possible, get your remaining rugs next to each other for comparison. If there are any you can eliminate from there, go right ahead.
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    If elimination by comparison leaves you with one rug, WAIT!! Don't make any decisions until you see the rug IN YOUR HOUSE where you want it. The lighting of the room may throw off your decision or take it in another direction completely.
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    If you are left with 3 rugs, try to eliminate it to two. If you can't, tell your rug dealer these are the 3 you would like to be brought to your house. Set up a date for the dealer to bring the rugs over.
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    Once the rugs arrive at your house, bring them to the room you're decorating. If seeing the rugs in your room's light makes your decision, congratulations! If not, take the time to view the rug from all angles of the room. Are there things about them you like, don't like, things that will bother you over time?
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    Don't be pressured to make a decision. If your style has gone in a separate direction, say so. You can always go back and keep shopping.


  • If you're not sure what you're looking for when you start to shop, you should get a good range of different ones. It may seem like Persian rugs are all the same but upon closer viewing it can be found that there are detailed intricacies that set them apart and can make a huge difference when it comes to your final decision.
  • Good quality Persian rugs have a dark side and a light side. Make sure you see both before making your final decision so you know what you're buying.
  • To spot a good quality rug, flip it over! If there is netting underneath, chances are it's glued to the bottom and will shed over time. These rugs tend to be inexpensive, but don't be fooled by the attractive price tag.
  • Ask your rug dealer if he or she will bring rugs to your house before you make your decision so you can see what the rug looks like in your house.


  • Good quality rugs aren't always cheap. Don't go looking at rugs you know you can't afford and find yourself falling in love with the most expensive one in the pile. The more detailed and intricate the rug, the more expensive it gets, so try not to pull rugs you know you'll say no to if it came down to your final two.

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