How to Buy Patio Furniture

Four Methods:Consider Your NeedsKeep the Weather in MindAdd Some StyleMake Your Purchase

A patio is not complete without a place to sit. There are many furniture items available for the outdoors, and they can be found at department stores, home improvement shops and online retailers. There are many different types of patio furniture available, which can make it difficult to select the perfect items. Buying furniture that you end up disliking can be an expensive mistake, as the costs range from $30 to over $3000, so get some tips on how to buy patio furniture before you shop.

Method 1
Consider Your Needs

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    Look at the space on your patio. Avoid leaving a lot of empty room, but also be careful not to pack too many items into a small space. You don't want to end up buying a patio furniture set that looks good but doesn't fit well in your patio.
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    Think about how you will use the patio furniture. Decide whether you will dine outside, enjoy drinks, tan, read a book or simply enjoy the great outdoors.
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    Consider who will use the furniture. For example, if children or shorter adults will be sitting in your outdoor chairs, avoid buying particularly tall chairs. Take weight into consideration, too, as some types of furniture cannot hold guests over a certain weight.
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    Determine how much maintenance you are willing to put into the outdoor furniture. Cushions may need to be washed occasionally, while plastic and wood can be wiped down.

Method 2
Keep the Weather in Mind

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    Buy waterproof patio furniture if you live in a rainy area. Choose plastic furniture that can withstand moisture, or buy cushions made of material that deflects water.
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    Consider UV-resistant material for sunny areas. If the furniture will be in direct sunlight, you need material that does not fade easily.
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    Stay away from materials that get hot in the sunlight. Plastic or metal chairs, for example, can burn people when they are under the sun for hours. Consider wood instead, or buy cushions with fabric that does not retain heat.
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    Buy an umbrella to provide shade or protection from rain. Place this above your table or chairs, unless you have a covered patio to shield you from the elements.
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    Make sure that any metal pieces are rust-resistant. This applies to furniture that is entirely metal and furniture with just a few small metal features on it. Furniture can get rusty over time, even in climates with little rain.

Method 3
Add Some Style

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    Choose colors that suit your preferences. If you plan to use the patio furniture often, you should enjoy its appearance. Find colors that work for you.
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    Determine whether to mix or match furniture pieces. Some people like all the items to be made out of the same material, while others enjoy a contrast.

Method 4
Make Your Purchase

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    Decide on your budget. If you do not have much money, but need furniture for outdoors, look for clearance items. Also think about buying used items.
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    Wait until after Labor Day weekend to buy outdoor furniture. You will get the best deals this way, as few people purchase patio items during the fall or winter.
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    Try out the furniture before you buy. This is the only way to truly know how comfortable it is.

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