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The National Football League (NFL) is the premier league for American football. While all games are televised and readily viewable in the local area, finding tickets to a game can be more challenging. NFL tickets can be purchased in 1 of 2 ways: directly from the home team's box office or through fans who are selling the tickets they already have. Fortunately, both of these options allow you to buy NFL football tickets online without having to leave home. You can browse through the tickets available and choose the best for you.


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    Check the home team's box office for available tickets. All 32 NFL teams run ticket offices through their websites; these web pages can also be accessed through All tickets purchased through the team box offices will be sold at face value, and are only available for purchase through Ticketmaster, who is partnered with the NFL.
    • You can purchase both individual seats and season tickets this way. Many teams also have promotional packages such as "flex" packs that let you pick any 4 games for a set price.
    • If you don't want to purchase online, you can also purchase these tickets by calling the Ticketmaster sales line or visiting a Ticketmaster box office in person.
    • Tickets for games that are sold out will not be available through the team's box office.
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    Browse for tickets through the official ticket exchange. Ticketmaster also runs a service called "Ticket Exchange," which represents the official ticket resale site for the NFL. This service, which can only be accessed online, allows you to buy from current ticket holders who are selling their tickets. In some cases you will be able to download the tickets immediately; in other cases the ticket holder will mail them to you after your purchase.
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    Look for tickets on other ticket exchange sites. There are several other websites used for ticket resales, such as StubHub. These sites can be used just like the Ticket Exchange site by Ticketmaster. Note that when using any of these sites, you may have to pay more than face value for tickets. You will also be charged a service fee when purchasing.
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    Search other classifieds or auction sites for NFL tickets. Websites like Craigslist and Ebay also provide a great way to find NFL tickets. The benefit of these sites is that there will be no service fee. The downside is that you will not be able to compare tickets side by side in terms of price and location like you can on ticket exchange sites.
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    Buy tickets from a scalper. As a last resort, you can often purchase tickets to an NFL game at the stadium on game day from a scalper. Doing so will subject you to high prices, and you may fall prey to a counterfeit scam. Before doing this, research the laws on ticket scalping in your state and at the stadium. Some states and facilities have made scalping illegal, while others have placed severe restrictions on the practice.


  • Buying tickets as far in advance as possible will help you get the lowest price.
  • Buying tickets as late as possible gets you the best deal.

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