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The NBA finals are a "best of 7" series where the winner of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference play each other for the NBA championship title. With 30 teams, it can be difficult to tell who will be in the finals this year. Many people wait until their team has qualified for the finals before seeking out tickets, while other loyal fans are willing to buy season tickets for the increased likelihood that they will have access to seats in the finals. Many tickets are resold, which means people have to be careful to avoid scams. Ticket prices can rise to thousands of dollars and fall to $20 within the hours leading up to a game. Learn how to buy NBA finals tickets.


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    Become a season ticket holder for your favorite team. Go online to and click on the "Tickets" menu on the top toolbar. Select your team from the listed teams and read the instructions for buying half, full and 11-game season tickets.
    • Each team has different sites, which process their official season tickets. You can usually buy these packages buy calling a number or going to the licensed ticket website. You will need to place a deposit on the tickets in order to be listed as a season ticket holder.
    • Buying season tickets is the earliest, and sometimes only, guarantee of getting access to NBA finals tickets, if your team qualifies. Once tickets are awarded to the 2 teams and the sponsor, usually in late May or early June, you will be given a chance to go online and buy the allotted number of seats given to each season ticket holder.
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    Register for a "Single Game Playoff Ticket Opportunity." Go to and select your team from the ticket menu. Approximately 48 hours or more before the tickets go on sale for final events, you can register through an online form to receive priority purchasing rights for the playoffs and finals.
    • Keep checking the website if it looks like your team will make it into the NBA playoffs. There will be a short window to sign up for this opportunity to purchase playoff and finals tickets at face value.
    • If there are more registrants than seats available, the ticket opportunities will be chosen by a lottery. If you receive word via email that you have been picked to purchase playoff tickets, follow the instructions at the given time. People who are chosen for this playoff ticket opportunity will also receive word that they have the opportunity to purchase finals tickets at face value after their team qualifies for the finals.
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    Pay attention to press releases from qualifying teams immediately after playoff qualification. Each team will usually announce a plan to sell NBA tickets online, by phone and at their home box office. Tickets are usually sold between 10 days to a week before the first finals game.
    • You can purchase tickets by cash by waiting in line on the first day of the sale at the home box office, usually located in the home arena. The box office will usually also accept all major credit cards. To purchase these tickets, people may need to wait in line for hours or camp overnight.
    • Call the number indicated on the press release, to purchase tickets by phone. People must purchase these tickets using major credit cards, and there is no guarantee that the call will go through. Lines may be jammed, so getting through to a ticket agent is partially based on luck. You will need to call at the time indicated by the press release because tickets sell out quickly.
    • Go online to the official ticket website to purchase NBA finals tickets by credit card. You will need to log on and enter your details at the time indicated by the press release. The site is likely to be busy and tickets will sell quickly.
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    Create an account on your team's official NBA Ticket Exchange website prior to the NBA playoffs. These official sites allow season ticket holders to resell their tickets, usually at or below face value, before games. After finals tickets are released, you can go online to the ticket exchange to purchase directly from these ticket holders.
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    Go online to a licensed ticket broker, such as StubHub or PreferredSeating, to purchase tickets from resellers. There are dozens of ticket sites, so ensure there are guarantees for legitimacy and refunds for later games in the series if they are not played. Tickets begin selling approximately 10 days to a week before the event.
    • Online ticket brokers tend to sell by dynamic pricing. This means that the price for tickets increases based on demand. Buying tickets the day they go on sale is likely to ensure that you will get a set of tickets for the game; however, it may also mean you pay well over face value, because of the large demand.
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    Wait until the days or hours leading up to the event for the lowest ticket prices. As the date nears, ticket prices tend to drop, because unused tickets are worthless to sellers. If you have the ability to wait until a few hours before, you can get tickets for a fraction of the face value price.
    • Download applications to ticket sites such as StubHub or PreferredSeating so that you can buy tickets before the game remotely. You can choose to pick up the tickets at the ticket broker booths located at the stadium. This option is not available for every ticket site, so do some research if you plan to wait until the last minute.
    • Buying tickets by ticket broker is always a gamble on price. Prices often drop after you purchase them, yet you are facing the possibility that all tickets will be sold out.
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    Buy tickets off eBay. If you are unable to find tickets on a broker site, you can look for an eBay option. Always pay with PayPal, so that you can dispute the charge if the tickets are fraudulent.


  • Many ticket brokers and websites do not offer refunds for ticket purchases for games 1 to 4 of the NBA finals. Ensure that your ticket website will offer refunds for later games in the event that a winner has already been decided.


  • Do not purchase tickets from scalpers, Craigslist or other second hand outlets unless authenticity is guaranteed. Ticket scams are common around the NBA finals and they are most common on sites that do not guarantee payment, refunds or authenticity.

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