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Whether you are preparing to follow a recipe that calls for fresh mint, or you want to add mint to your herb garden, having a fresh mint plant in your kitchen or yard can offer aroma, taste and convenience. It is a decorative plant that provides attractive foliage, and can be grown and maintained in full sun and partial shade. Buy mint plants that are healthy and fragrant, and sold by reputable nurseries and retailers.


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    Find a retailer that sells mint plants. In order to buy a healthy mint plant that will continue to grow and produce mint leaves, purchase a plant from a reputable retailer.
    • Shop for mint at your local nursery or garden shop. Most nurseries carry a wide variety of fresh herbs, and you can find mint in many different varieties.
    • Look for mint plants at your local grocery store or supermarket. The produce section should carry small containers of fresh herbs such as mint. The selection may be smaller than what you would find at a nursery, but you can find mint plants acceptable to use for cooking and growing.
    • Buy mint plants online. There are websites selling all sorts of herbs as seeds and fresh plants. Do an Internet search to find the best selections and prices.
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    Inspect the mint plants. Look at the mint leaves as well as the stems of the plant.
    • Make sure there are no bugs or insects on the plant. Spider mites, aphids and mint flea beetles tend to be attracted to mint plants.
    • Look for bright green leaves. The leaves of the mint plant should be free of brown spots and wilt.
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    Select a variety of mint plant. Mint is grown in many different hybrids. Buy a plant that you like, depending on what you plan to use the mint for.
    • Choose peppermint if you want a traditional variety, which is very fragrant and easy to find. Peppermint can be used to flavor teas.
    • Choose orange mint if you are looking for a hint of citrus that can be used in drinks and salads.
    • Buy a specialized mint for your favorite drinks. For example, Kentucky Colonel is famous for use in mint juleps, and Mojito Mint is used in mojitos.
    • Buy a chocolate variety. Choose a chocolate mint plant to use in desserts.
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    Plant your mint. Put your mint plant in your herb garden, or in a container. Mint tends to be invasive, which means it grows and spreads quickly. Put it in a section of your garden that will not allow it to interfere with other items you are growing.


  • Mint plants provide stems that grow to about 2 inches (5 cm). They thrive in moist, well-drained soil.


  • Buying mint seeds instead of plants that are already producing leaves will require more time and extra work.

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