How to Buy Luggage for Travel

Your trip is officially booked- now what? Start getting all your ducks in a row to get your trip on the road! First on your list of things to do is pack, but do you have a case that is ideal for your trip? The professionals at Ricardo Beverly Hills can help you determine what types of luggage you need depending on what type of trip you’ll be taking. Follow the tips below to select the perfect piece of luggage for your trip.


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    Pack for your mode of transportation. If you are traveling by car, you can take more than what you need. If you are taking an airplane or other public forms of transportation, you may be forced to travel lighter to deal with limited space and to avoid any extra baggage fees.
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    Decide on the features you need. Identify your “must haves” in a piece of luggage. For instance, if you need something lightweight and easy to handle for a weekend getaway, duffel bags make more sense than large, heavier rolling cases that are better suited for longer trips.
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    Learn to pack efficiently. While it is nice to have options, packing one outfit a day instead of a variety of clothes will save you time when dressing and also help you in narrowing your items down to fit in one case. Keep this helpful hint in mind: many hotels offer laundry services, so you can save space by packing fewer clothing items and telephoning the front desk for laundry services.
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    Consider the size of the luggage. The size of the luggage should match the length of the trip. Choose a smaller case if you are only going to be gone for only a few days and similarly a larger case if your trip will be lengthy.
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    Don't over think it. Don't over think the packing process. Make a list of items you really need- visualize your daily routine and make a list of all the things you need. This will help you in making sure you pack all of your required items and that they are organized and not just thrown together.


  • When choosing luggage, look at some pieces you already own and think about what you like about them and what features they could have that would make traveling easier.
  • Enlist the help of a friend or someone who is a frequent traveler. Their advice can help you make an informed decision on the right luggage for you traveling needs.


  • Make sure each feature works the way you intend for it to.
  • Don't rush your purchase. Buying quality luggage is an investment, and to make it a good one you’ll want to make sure the luggage you are looking at has everything you want before you buy it.

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