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Foods that are high in carbohydrates can be hard for the human body to process and turn into energy. High carbohydrate foods include fruit, bread, beans, soft drinks, pasta and many desserts. Low carbohydrate diets, like the Atkins diet, encourage you to reduce your carbohydrate intake and to eat high-protein foods like meat, fish and vegetables. This may help you to lose weight or simply feel healthier. If you are starting a low carbohydrate diet, you may wonder where to find low carbohydrate food. You can go low carbohydrate shopping in the grocery store, online and in specialty food stores. This article will tell you how to buy low "carb" foods.


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    Shop at the grocery store during the "induction" period. At the beginning of most low-carb regimen, you are asked to cut out almost all flour and sugar and eat high protein foods. These are available at your local supermarket.
    • Induction foods include eggs and meats like sausage, bacon, non-nitrate deli-meats, poultry, canned tuna and chicken. Berries are recommended, but most other fruits are not. Buy green vegetables like broccoli, string beans, bean sprouts, lettuce, sugar snap peas, snow peas, cucumber and celery. Other foods include mushrooms, tomatoes and red peppers.
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    Buy a low-carb recipe book. Make your grocery list according to this book before shopping. This will help you to better follow induction or post-induction food recommendations.
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    Pick up carb replacement foods at a natural or health food store after your 2 week induction period. Your low-carb diets often recommend replacing canola and other vegetable oils with coconut oil, as it is believed to speed up your metabolism.
    • Buy almond, flax seed or walnut flour to replace all-purpose flour. You can use it to bread meats or make low-carb baked goods.
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    Search online for low-carb alternatives to your favorite foods. An online low-carb store, like Low-Carb Connoisseur, or Carb-Smart will have more variety. They often feature specialty chocolate or pasta sauces. Online stores are usually more expensive than a supermarket, so only buy online products for special occasions, or if they will last a long time.
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    Research acceptable low-carb breads, pitas, tortillas, English muffins, cookies and other snacks in a low-carb book or online before buying. Although these options are available at supermarkets, packaging can be misleading. The foods may be high in sugar or nitrates, products that work against a low-carb diet.
    • Shop for acceptable alternatives at the supermarket. Most supermarkets have embraced the low-carb market. Look for the words "white flour" or "processed flour" on the package. If they are listed, then it may not be truly low carb. Traditionally, ingredient labels list the ingredients in order of the largest content in the product. If flax, soy or whole wheat are listed first, it will be better.


  • When shopping at the supermarket, look for low-carb foods that have a low number of ingredients. This usually means they are less-processed.
  • Low-carb products taste different than their alternatives. It may take a while to get used to the taste.


  • Cutting out all carbohydrates is not recommended. It can be very harmful to your body. Most diets suggest a reduction in carbs, in response to an increase in carb consumption over the past few decades.

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