How to Buy Lawn Sprinklers

Five Methods:Stationary SprinklersOscillating SprinklersPulsating SprinklersRotary SprinklersTraveling Sprinklers

After you have put time, money, and energy into preparing and sowing your lawn, you will want to be sure you take care of it by fertilizing and watering the lawn as needed. You can always water your lawn by hand with a garden hose, but the best way to water is to buy water sprinklers to do the job for you. How many sprinklers you will need depends on the size of your yard. What type of sprinklers you buy depends on price, style, size of your yard and type of grass.

Method 1
Stationary Sprinklers

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    Purchase stationary sprinklers if you have a small lawn to water. Stationary sprinklers are placed in position and water is released through several tiny holes in the head of the sprinkler.
    • Stationary sprinklers are inexpensive to purchase.
    • The water pressure with these sprinklers is lower than other types. This is what makes them suitable for smaller lawns.
    • The amount of area that is covered is related to the pattern and size of the holes in the head of the sprinkler.

Method 2
Oscillating Sprinklers

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    Buy oscillating sprinklers for medium size lawns. These sprinklers are made from a metal tube that contains several holes along the length of the tube. It is connected to two plastic ends and a plastic base. The tubing moves back and forth watering the lawn in a rectangle.
    • Oscillating sprinklers are very popular, but they break easily. They are also hard to set level on the lawn.
    • You can adjust oscillating sprinklers to water with a longer or shorter path of water. You can adjust the water pressure by adjusting the amount of water that you release through the hose.

Method 3
Pulsating Sprinklers

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    Consider purchasing pulsating sprinklers if you have a large area to cover. These sprinklers have a spike that sticks into the ground with a pulsating head on top where water is released. A single jet of water is released when the head pulses around.
    • Pulsating sprinklers are low to the ground where wind does not interfere with the jets of water.
    • Purchasing pulsating sprinklers is a good idea if you have low water pressure. These sprinklers work well to disperse a large amount of water over a large area, even with low water pressure.

Method 4
Rotary Sprinklers

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    Choose rotary sprinklers if you have a small lawn. Rotary sprinklers have 3 arms that spin as water is sprayed over the lawn.
    • Water is quickly sprayed from these 3 arms.
    • There are several different styles and prices of rotary sprinklers.

Method 5
Traveling Sprinklers

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    Pick traveling sprinklers if you have a narrow or irregular shaped lawn. These sprinklers are unique, because they travel along a hose as they water the lawn. The hose is put in place, and the sprinkler is self-propelled along the hose.
    • Traveling sprinklers are expensive to purchase. The metal type seems to hold up better than ones with plastic parts.
    • This type of sprinkler is quiet when operating. Once it is put in place, it is easy to operate.

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