How to Buy International Travel Insurance

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If you are planning a trip abroad in the near future, you can buy yourself some peace of mind by learning how to buy international travel insurance. Once considered a taboo subject by travel agents as something that discouraged travelers, agents today tend to be up-front about the importance of protecting your travel plans with some sort of insurance. The purchase of travel insurance has risen 20% since September 11, 2011, and more than 70% of people going on a cruise purchase insurance. International travel insurance minimizes financial loss and can cover incidents such as illness, terrorism, lost baggage, accidents, and emergency evacuations. Insurance is determined by your risk to the insurance company, and you may have to provide details about your health and what type of insurance you already carry.


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    Determine if travel insurance is right for you buy asking yourself specific questions.
    • What are the chances that you need the travel insurance? The destination of your trip may be a big factor as some places may put you at more risk than others.
    • Think about the things that you will be participating in on your vacation abroad. Will you be doing physical activities that you are not normally used to and may put you at risk? Are you traveling where illnesses in travelers are common or where insects abound that may cause illness?
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    Look into the financial stability of the travel insurance company. Determine if it will be around awhile and can follow through on any promises made to you, especially if the vacation was bought and paid for before traveling.
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    Learn the types of travel insurance that are available to you. Most people are familiar with the flight and trip cancellation insurance. However, there are many other types of insurance that may provide more protection during your trip.
    • Medical evacuation and repatriation insurance is for international travel and allows you to be treated, stabilized, and then flown home as quickly as possible. Even though you may have health insurance in your own country, as soon as you leave the border this may not be so. Health insurance for international travel may also protect you if you become ill in a developing country and are treated there. Just like any other insurance, be sure to read the fine print to know exactly what you have to do in the event of an emergency.
    • Golf/adventure/extreme sports insurance may be bought at a price and may have limitations. The golf insurance can help if you travel for golf tournaments around the world and can protect your equipment and give golf fee refunds.
    • Insurance with "force majeure" clauses can cover a trip if the U.S. State Department issues a travel warning that covers your travel area. Limitations on coverage may be affected by how close an attack is to your destination, when the insurance was purchased, and what losses may be covered by situations caused by war or the threat of war.
    • Non-refundable ticket insurance covers you in the event that you will need to change your travel plans and have already purchased a non-refundable airline ticket.
    • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance is used in the event you miss your trip due to an illness or other reasons. This insurance is especially important if you have made a significant investment into the trip, such as a $10,000 once-in-a-lifetime vacation.
    • Baggage insurance is used when you're traveling oversees and can insure your luggage. The Warsaw Convention has set a limit of a liability of $9.07 per pound. This may often come as coverage on trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Method 1
Where to Purchase International Travel Insurance

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    Purchase travel insurance when you plan a trip through a travel agent. Travel agents can help you in finding the right insurance for your type of trip.
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    Purchase travel insurance online through a travel insurance provider.
    • Some of these online companies will offer mix-and-match services that will allow you to select the insurance that best fits your needs.
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    Use a comparison site to find the best-priced travel insurance. Many of these sites will give you the option to purchase the insurance directly from them or to go to the company that is offering the plan you select.
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    Obtain travel insurance when you use your credit card to purchase tickets or make travel arrangements. The insurance through your card may vary from card to card. Insurance that may be available through a credit card may include travel accident insurance as well and travel and emergency assistance services. Check with your credit card before assuming any such services exist.

Method 2
Which Which Travel Insurance to buy?

  • Travel Medical Insurance plans do not work like your regular health insurance plans (provided through your employer), where the all you owe is a co- payment ($5 or $10). A visitor medical insurance, however, does not guarantee that you will not be making any payments in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Do some basic research for different few plans and then compare them. There are basically 2 kinds of plans:

1) Limited coverage Plan: Less expensive, but has some limitations on coverage. 2)Comprehensive coverage Plan: Somewhat expensive but offers better coverage.

  • With so many companies to choose from, it is tough to decide, which one is perfect for you. Very few well-known major USA insurance companies (Seven Corners, IMG, Atlas America) issue actual insurance policies. Each company has various plans/products designed for a diverse set of consumers.
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Method 3



  • Beware of the limitations and exclusions listed on your international insurance policy so that you known exactly what is covered.
  • Do not buy your insurance from the individual travel provider just in case the company goes out of business.

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