How to Buy Insurance for a Jet Ski

A Jet Ski is covered by personal watercraft (PWC) insurance, which is obtainable through the same company that covers your other property or through another insurance company. PWC insurance can be added to an existing policy on a boat, or you can buy insurance for a Jet Ski as a separate policy. Here are the types of coverage available for a Jet Ski.


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    Get liability insurance as financial protection after accidents that are your fault or the fault of someone driving your Jet Ski and result in death, injury and/or property damage to someone else.
    • Bodily injury coverage pays medical costs and lost wages caused by injury to others.
    • Property damage coverage pays for damage to another watercraft or a dock that you cause while operating the Jet Ski.
    • Liability insurance can also pay for legal expenses should the other party decide to sue you.
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    Buy collision coverage for a financed or leased Jet Ski, if it is required. Inexperienced drivers should also have collision coverage, which pays for damage to your Jet Ski and other objects you collide with. Collision insurance also pays for damage from another watercraft hitting you.
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    Add comprehensive coverage if you want to protect yourself from loss other than collision, such as theft, vandalism, storms, fire and falling objects. It also protects your Jet Ski from vandalism or theft.
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    Consider uninsured or underinsured boater coverage in case your Jet Ski, yourself or your passengers are insured by someone who doesn't have collision coverage. This insurance pays for damage to your Jet Ski, medical costs from injury and possibly lost wages.
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    Request medical payment coverage if you want to have your medical bills paid for and your passengers medical bills paid for even if you are at fault.
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    Ask for a quote on other insurance coverage options available for a Jet Ski.
    • On-water towing reimburses you for costs incurred from a mechanical breakdown or running out of gas.
    • Trailer coverage protects the Jet Ski trailer.
    • Fuel spill coverage pays for cleanup of unintentional fuel spills.
    • Wreckage removal coverage pays the costs of retrieving a Jet Ski or wreckage that sinks.
    • Personal effects coverage pays for loss of sunglasses, clothing and other personal items.


  • An insurance company may offer discounts on PWC insurance for having other policies with the company, having coverage on more than one watercraft, having no previous claims on insured watercraft and taking a boater safety course.


  • Before you buy insurance for a Jet Ski, carefully read the exclusions in the policy. For example, claims may not be paid if the Jet Ski was driven in the dark or the driver didn't have a valid driver's license.
  • Check what Jet Ski insurance is required by your state. Many states require liability insurance for a Jet Ski. Your state may also require uninsured and underinsured boater insurance. The dollar amount of coverage varies by state.

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