How to Buy Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Heirloom tomatoes are a type of non-pollinated tomato. There are several varieties to choose from, so look around and find the one that most appeals to you.


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    Decide which type of tomatoes you want. There are over 600 varieties of heirloom tomatoes; each has its own unique flavor and appearance. In choosing the variety to buy, consider the following:
    • How much fruit do you want your tomato plants to produce? Some varieties do not produce as much fruit as modern hybrid varieties.
    • Do you need tomatoes that transport well? Some just aren't good travelers, which explains why they fell out of favor over the years.
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    Decide how many plants you want to grow. Heirloom tomato seed packs may contain anywhere from 25 to 75 seeds, depending on the variety of tomato, the experience of the gardener and the seed company.
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    Know what your growing zone is. The growing season differs quite a bit from one area to another, and you’ll have a better crop—and taste—if you learn which variety grows best in your area.


  • Since heirloom tomatoes aren't hybrids, they can be grown from saved seed. Once you grow a successful tomato crop, you will be able to continue growing them in future by saving the seeds your tomatoes produce ever year.
  • Tomato seeds last for up to 5 years, so remember to save your leftover seeds for next year. Maybe you can trade some with a gardener friend, if you have extra.

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